About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing

About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing

What About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing?  First, we work every day because we want to solve and eliminate the biggest problem in business.  Finding new leads is a lot of guess-work and a lot of people are confused.  Small business owners and managers don’t know what ads to run, how to monetize them or even where to find their ideal customers.  CEOs and sales staff don’t know where their target audience is, how to reach them or even how much they need to spend in order to do so.  Most marketers aren’t even sure which media channels and platforms are growing the quickest.  But most importantly, 99% of all the above have no idea where those potential new leads are really spending their time and money.

Throughout history, people have used information to make more informed decisions.  Today we provide the most actionable information for your business to get your phone ringing, to scale-up and grow.  We want to make that information available to as many people as possible, not just the top 10% of businesses.

About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – Our Mission And Goal

Our mission is to make the finding of new leads for your business easy and transparent.

An Introduction About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing

Wow, can you believe that?  Can you feel the huge difference already?  Check out our Company Introduction Video and a few words from our founder, Charles E. Snyder III:

At Charles E. Snyder III Marketing, we’re excited to offer direct response marketing and related services.  Now, not only can we get your message in front of your ideal customers, but also craft it with one of the most powerful and effective tools – social media!

Did you know that there are more than 2 billion users monthly, just on Facebook and it’s still growing?  How about that only 41% of small businesses are on Facebook and even less on Instagram?  Would it surprise you that 87% of posts to Facebook business pages and profiles go unanswered daily?  Yet there are more than 450 million people buying and selling on Facebook every single month!  (Sources: Facebook, Forbes, November 2017)

Let us ask you this, when shopping for products and services, what is your impression of a company with no social media?  How do the companies with an active social media presence and those that do not, compare?

If you’re not taking advantage of direct response marketing, you’re missing out on the greatest opportunity in business and human history!

About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – We Help Businesses Grow!

About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing - Scaling-Up with Direct Response Marketing

About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – Scaling-Up with Direct Response Marketing Services

With our direct response marketing services, we help you craft a message to really resonate with your customers and fans.  That includes researching your ideal customers and knowing what their pain points are.  We then develop your ad copy and fine-tune your advertising to reach the right people.  But not just the right people, we find the people that will benefit the most from your business and are ready to buy now.

So not only will you and your business look good, you will have very little competition.  By using direct response marketing you separate yourself from the crowd and that will bring in more customers.  We literally mean that your phone will ring and your potential for sales will sky-rocket.

About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – Direct Response Marketing Agency Philosophy

About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing - We Don't Succeed Unless You Do!

About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – We Don’t Succeed Unless You Do!

Our mission and our goal is to make finding you more leads easy and transparent.  And our philosophy is just as simple – we don’t succeed unless you do as well.  We strongly believe that your success and return on investment is a direct indicator of our efforts.  Our dedication is realized through open communication, no-excuses accountability and delivering results that meet and exceed your expectations.

What drives us are the significant changes that happen when a business goes from barely surviving to simply thriving.  Our services are a game-changer and even more important is the enrichment of lives as a result.  We help people achieve their business goals and change their lives for the better in the process.  We can help you achieve real, tangible and lasting direct response marketing success.

What makes us unique is staying ahead of the curve in technologies and tools in many forms of direct response marketing.  Each year we invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to learn new skills as well as networking.  We also belong to three distinct groups of some of the most successful marketers in the world.  But most important of all is that direct response marketing is our passion.  Our work changes lives and that alone is incredibly priceless!

About Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – Earning Your Business For Life!

You may have noticed that we just stated “Earning your business for life.”  The key word being that we earn your business and we keep delivering superior results so that you never want to leave.  You may think that sounds too good to be true and who could blame you?  But we assure you that it is very real and we stick by our promise.


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