Prolific Content Creation - Charles Snyder Raw #146: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Prolific Content Creation

Prolific Content CreationCharles Snyder Raw #146. Since September 2019, I have been using the Grammarly service for all of my writing. It’s a useful little tool that you can use for all copy on your website, email, etc. But you can also use it with crafting advertising and marketing copy too.

Prolific Content Creation - Charles Snyder Raw #146: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Good grammar is best!

As a result, I have been accumulating some impressive writing statistics over the past year or so. Granted, much of these stats are for articles that were already in circulation. However, I have also been doing a lot of writing and re-writing of many of those said articles.

But we have also been creating some new content as well.

Digital Marketing Blog by the numbers

  • 60+ weeks of writing (and editing) of articles and copywriting
  • 29,284 words busiest week
  • 2,041 unique words busiest week
  • 96% accuracy for spelling and grammar
  • 1,831,041 words written since 15 September 2019

Granted, that also includes all social media posts for business as well as the occasional personal ones too. Also, I haven’t mentioned this before, those numbers also include a fictional novel I am writing. However, that novel only accounts for about 95,000 words so far.

But still, those are some impressive numbers if you think about it. I had no idea until today when I was looking over my work. That’s a crap-load of content and we’re still adding more as well as improving what we have.

Some additional interesting numbers:

  • 23% of our content is “Confident”
  • 21% is “Optimistic”
  • 14% “Friendly”
  • 12% “Direct”
  • 30% “Joyful” and “Informal” etc.

But here’s the most point of all of this.

Prolific Content Creation delivers results!

As a result, we are seeing a steady increase in organic website traffic, year over year. There was a significant increase from social media as well as search engines too. Which demonstrates what I’ve been saying for some time, business blogging works.

In fact, I have written and spoke about the benefits of business blogging in many articles and videos, too many to mention here. However, Copywriting covers this topic in much greater detail. But here are some of the more popular articles and videos about business blogging:

So the takeaway here is this, blogging can work for your business too. Also, blogging regularly will get up to 400% or more of your pages and posts over websites that don’t. But you have to start somewhere and keep at it.

Prolific Content CreationCharles Snyder Raw #146

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