A Great Start Shooting School - Marketing Case Studies by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

A Great Start Shooting School – Marketing Case Studies by C E Snyder Marketing LLC.

A Great Start Shooting School (AGSSS), was facing significant marketing challenges, hindering both growth and affecting its ability to make sales. The founder, Brooke Cheney, struggled to coordinate and track new leads and nurture existing ones across multiple services and platforms. Namely her business website, training calendar, and sales pipeline.

A Great Start Shooting School - Marketing Case Studies by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Big problems, innovative solutions

Brooke realized that she needed a marketing strategy that would help overcome these challenges and drive sales growth. So she turned to Charles and C E Snyder Marketing LLC for advice. He and his team went to work researching AGSSS and some of Brooke’s local competition.

A Great Start Shooting School: Major Problems

During our research, we found that many key factors were holding A Great Start Shooting School back. The major hurdles included a website using obsolete plugins and an uncommon WordPress template, Facebook followers and advertising divided by multiple pages, and little or no presence on any other social media.

Also, there were issues with analytics not displaying proper traffic, the forms that were on the AGSSS were little more than spam magnets, and Brooke was trying to get sales from her website. For the most part, this simply doesn’t work because a website has far too many options to navigate away from an offer. So we always recommend trying to make sales from topic-specific funnels.

Additionally, besides trying to use a website for sales, Brooke’s website was getting very little traffic. So we ran one of our ROI Ninjas Marketing X-Ray Reports to see what that would show us. The results were quite clear that she wasn’t getting much traffic and why.

Furthermore, another critical hurdle was a lack of pictures and no videos. In contrast, this may seem like a minor issue if at all to some, but it is a big problem, especially when it comes to showing up in search results. However, studies consistently show that images and videos get way more love on social media and search engine results.

Rebuilding AGSSS’s Marketing Plumbing

The first solution was simply rebuilding and correcting the needed analytics and integrating ROI Ninjas CRM. Once the CRM was in place and integrated, we built several lead capture funnels to build a distribution list for email marketing. But a real breakthrough moment came with the addition of a custom LinkTree for their business – Brooke received new subscribers on the first day!

A Great Start Shooting School LinkTree powered by ROI Ninjas CRM
A Great Start Shooting School LinkTree powered by ROI Ninjas CRM

Next came adding forms and linking funnels to the website. Also, a CRM-driven chat widget would be on every web page as well as the funnels. But all of this is also tied back into Brooke’s ROI Ninjas CRM account. So now A Great Start Shooting School captures analytics data and leads no matter what people click on.

However, this also required going into Brooke’s Facebook Business Manager and correcting a few errors there. Also, it required looking at her pixels and eliminating some duplication to make things less complex when she ran advertising. This included duplicate business pages, redundant ad accounts, and multiple pixels.

A Great Start Shooting School: Brand Awareness

However, just a few months in, it became apparent that there simply wasn’t enough traffic to any of the AGSSS pages. A trickle was coming in from social media, but there was very little organic search engine traffic. But it wasn’t enough to affect sales or interest in the business.

We quickly discovered that AGSSS was still in the “awareness building” phase of business. This is a common error that many small businesses make, skipping over the unsexy part of marketing. But working on getting people to know, like, and trust you is the only way to consistent sales.

Going back to the Marketing X-Ray Report for AGSSS, it was clear that most search engines did not list the website or any of its pages. Out of 95+ search engines and portals, AGSSS was on 15 of them and the listing information was 72% inaccurate. So we had to have an honest conversation about getting listed on more search engines to boost traffic and sales.

Within days, Brooke saw nearly double the amount of traffic coming to her website and getting more sales!

Increasing Brand Awareness

One of the first steps that Charles always recommends is building out a three-by-three grid of videos. The first three videos are the business owner, on camera, talking about why they do what they do and what they believe in. Secondly, three more videos of “How-To” to do something related to their products or services. Thirdly, three more videos that are testimonials from current or past customers.

These nine videos will form the foundation of allowing potential customers to know, like, and trust you. So Charles coached Brooke in making those videos and provided her with a script template. When done, Brooke’s videos will be added to her YouTube Channel as well as her website, landing pages, and social media accounts. Also, once published in several places, the videos will help to drive even more traffic to her LinkTree, website, and landing pages.

However, there were other recommendations made that involved updating the AGSSS website, adding more funnels and automation, and running awareness campaigns on Google and Facebook. But using the videos that she will be making in the coming weeks to help drive engagement. Also, it will help Brooke to reach even more potential customers in the coming months.

A Great Start Shooting School: Small Changes Add Up

As part of our consultative approach to providing services to our clients, we always recommend taking tiny steps. Each step on its own may not produce stellar results, but they do add up over time. However, the impact of implementing changes is cumulative, resulting in powerful growth as time goes on.

One such resource that all of our clients receive for free is a subscription to ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks and secure access to ROI Ninjas University. Each week, Charles shares insights and rock-solid marketing strategies to help businesses make more sales. Brooke was automatically subscribed when she became a ROI Ninjas CRM subscriber and she’s beginning to use some of the tips to her benefit.

For example, AGSSS is now using the listing service available through her CRM account. Also, she’s been using the chat widget included with her account to have more conversations. But she is also now using the integrated forms from her CRM to capture real leads instead of mountains of spam.

Soon she will be saving money when she can cancel multiple subscriptions to other software. However, she will also be saving herself time and headaches with fewer logins, and less jumping from one platform to another. Saving time and money while getting more sales is a major win for any small business!

Simpler = More Sales

Another problem area was the way that AGSSS makes sales for special classes and workshops. Visitors would have to go to the events calendar, to click on a class of interest to them. However, in order for them to pay for the class, they had to go to a third step to complete the transaction.

But from experience we know, that adding extra steps for someone to make a purchase only reduces the likelihood of making a sale. So cleaning the process and making potential customers jump through fewer hoops will automatically increase sales. Because annoyed people never buy. Fewer steps to give potential customers what they want is a surefire way to increase conversions.

All of the above are now funnels for classes that Brooke can run ad traffic directly to. Also, people visiting her website or LinkTree can now click directly to the class sales funnel that want. This effectively eliminates two previous steps that interested parties would have to take.

A Great Start Shooting School: Marketing Strategies

Another key element of our marketing strategy for AGSSS is their email marketing. Before becoming our client in mid-January, Brooke was building a marketing list. However, she wasn’t really leveraging it to benefit her sales. So we immediately set her up with a highly stylized newsletter template and made some recommendations that she ran with.

A Great Start Shooting School WordPress Dashboard August 2023
A Great Start Shooting School WordPress Dashboard August 2023

Overall, the marketing strategies that were implemented by our agency have had a significant impact. In addition to improving AGSSS’s social media presence and email marketing, they also saw as much as a 650% increase in website traffic. Additionally, they now have more than a 58% accuracy rating for their business listing on more than 95+ search engines and portals.

That’s more than double the accuracy rating and nearly 4x the number of listings over one month ago!

Our Foolproof Playbook

Much of what we have been working on and continue to address, can be found right in our ROI Ninjas Master Marketing Guide. Especially the Second Edition (coming soon) which is currently being written/re-written. Also, we are incorporating lessons learned and marketing strategies in Weekly Kicks and our sessions (Wednesday from 12 PM EST – 1 PM EST) over the past 18 months.

Furthermore, we are also taking into account feedback from our coaching customers. So we will be including that in the latest version of our Marketing Master Guide too. We call it our “Guide to Scaling to Seven-Figures in Sales” for a reason. Because we use it and we implement it for our clients.

When you decide that you want more sales, contact us. Set up a free, no-obligation consultation with Charles today from this link: Charles’ Coaching & Consulting Calendar.

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