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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is basically the original form of Digital Marketing that was first used in the 1990s. So, many people believe that it is a highly effective digital marketing strategy. And it definitely can be, such as part of your follow-up sequences or as a means of customer relations.

But, to keep things uncomplicated, it is sending emails and nurturing relationships with your customers as well as prospects. So effectively, it can convert those prospects into buyers. And it can turn first-time customers into lifetime buyers.

However, the biggest advantage of Email Marketing is that you can automate the entire process. Which is no small benefit to you, the small business owner, to say the least! But it does take a considerable amount of time for you to set it all up properly.

“It’s dead, Jim!”

First, in the past few years, you may have heard a lot of hype about videos, messenger bots, text messaging, and a whole lot more. So you may be thinking that email, a decades-old technology, is obsolete. It’s not.

For example, with Digital Marketing Automation and machine-learning, email is a more powerful and responsive tool than ever before. So instead of the usual fleeting flirtation with your brand, you can now turn people into life-long fans (and buyers).

And that, as you may or may not know, can be incredibly lucrative. Because it is ridiculously easier to market and sell more stuff to your existing or previous customers. But it is also an effective means for nurturing suspects into prospects and eventually, they may become paying customers.

Email Marketing: 3 easy steps to more sales

According to multiple studies in 2017 and 2018, 85% of adults in the U.S. have an email address. However, just 22% are on social media, and about 15% use search engines like Google. So the problem is that most small business owners do not know how to reach a greater market share.

*Source: Statista

But that’s also why marketing with email is so important for your business. Because the numbers just don’t lie; far more people (your potential customers) still use email more than anything else. So here are three easy steps to take, to improve your marketing efforts.

Step #1 – Build your email list

First, to have an impressive email list, you have to grow it and nurture it. So you do this by asking for their permission to email them. This can be done by offering them a simple benefit, such as a weekly or even daily email that is entertaining and adds value.

Also, you can entice people into joining your list by offering a special guide, a free ebook, or a white paper. Additionally, you can offer them a free online course or even a free webinar. Because it doesn’t matter what your “bribe” is as long as it adds value to your audience or helps to solve some problem they have.

So there are a lot of different ways you can do this. But to establish your credibility and to get people to trust you, you have to explain what the emails are about. Since no one will think “subscribe for updates” is exciting, you must be transparent and give them details.

Be clear, be concise, set expectations, and have a strong call to action.

Step #2 – Create amazing content consistently

Second, once you have your first few names on your list, you then begin creating content. For example blog articles, infographics, videos, etc. So you need to offer something of value, but you should also be entertaining or at the minimum, interesting.

However, the key to success and nurturing more customers is by you being consistent. If you say that you’re going to email them just once a month, the quickest way to failure is bombarding them daily. But the other way is just as bad, promising to deliver daily and skipping days or weeks in between.

Also, be engaging and offer content that meets your audience where they are in the buyer’s journey. That can be something as easy as just putting a human face on your business. So share a little something about how and why you got started in your business. People connect with people.

Just always keep in mind that you are a guest in their inbox; always conduct your Email Marketing as such.

Step #3 – When to sell your stuff

Third and most importantly, you are building a list to engage your audience and make more sales. But converting a list with boatloads of free content into one that pitches your products or services can be tricky. So for it to be successful, you have to do some planning.

There are no rules as to how often you should or should not sell to your audience. But setting expectations at the beginning can go a long way towards preventing people from unsubscribing. Also, put yourself in your audience’s shoes; try to understand what they want and give it to them.

Additionally, remember that your email list is an asset, worth more than gold. Because a list that you grow organically and nurture, that expects the occasional sales pitch, costs you nothing to sell to. Also, you list is a warm audience and they are much more likely to buy from you (or even buy again), so treat them accordingly.

How to write a stellar email newsletter

Have you ever found an email newsletter from someone but don’t remember signing up for it? How about getting an email saying that you were subscribed to some list, but you didn’t do it?

You’re not alone, everyone has at one time or another. But the biggest difference between a bad newsletter and at least a good one is whether or not someone remembers who you are. So make sure that people remember you and send them an email at least once per month.

Also, variety is the spice of life; it helps to keep things interesting. So be sure to mix it up in your email too. Create a blend or balance between content, a personal note from you, and sometimes a sales pitch too.

Last but not least, use your newsletter as a means for developing relationships between you and your business, with your audience. But definitely pitch when you have unique news, special offers, and those big announcements to make.

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