July 2023 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

July 2023 Updates: News & Announcements by C E Snyder Marketing LLC.

This past month has been another busy one for us with a lot of changes, updates, and more. But that also includes several enhancements to ROI Ninjas CRM, some new features, and benefits too. Also, in July, we announced and soft launched a new service, but more on that in a moment.

July 2023 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

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Additionally, we’ve been working on releasing some of our biggest enhancements and updates since the release of ROI Ninjas CRM. Our mobile app just received its biggest update ever with enhanced features, bug fixes, and improvements. Just the new features alone are a significant update with revamped conversations, a new dashboard, and upgraded notifications.

Also, the new app simplifies billing with recurring invoices, and Stripe Connect is no longer a requirement and multilingual support. But we’ve also upgraded the calendar settings, appointment enhancements, and availability. Plus, there are more than a dozen major and minor bug fixes.

July 2023 Updates: ROI Ninjas Marketing X-Ray Report

On 18 July 2023, we officially announced our latest service offering, the ROI Ninjas Marketing X-Ray. But we announced it the day after the 4th of July Holiday to our mailing list, allowing them to check it out first. So far, the feedback has been positive and business owners are finding it useful.

Marketing X-Ray by C E Snyder Marketing LLC
Click the image above or this link to get your free (for a limited time) Marketing X-Ray by C E Snyder Marketing LLC

We are making the new ROI Ninjas Marketing X-Ray Report free for a limited time. Also, we are making several special offers in conjunction with this free report, but only for a limited time when you visit the page. So hurry and get yours today before time runs out!

Other Enhancements to ROI Ninjas CRM

During July, we also made several enhancements to the credit card interface for Google Pay and Apple Pay payment forms. This includes more prominently displaying payment options in addition to the standard Stripe interface. Furthermore, our clients will not incur additional fees from Stripe for accepting Google Pay and Apple Pay moving forward.

Another big enhancement is two-way synching with Gmail. Users can now synch their inbound email from existing contacts directly when their 2-way synch is actively connected. But this also includes seamlessly adding conversations when sending from Gmail as well as reflecting it in the sent folder of Gmail and vice versa for outgoing email.

Last but far from least, collective bookings are now available in ROI Ninjas CRM too. The Collective Booking Calendar allows multiple users or team members to share a common calendar. When someone wants to schedule an appointment with the team members, they can see available time slots available based on the combined availability of team members.

July 2023 Updates: Even More Enhancements

As we said, July was a busy month and the enhancements to ROI Ninjas CRM don’t stop there. Another major update is the addition of Instagram Reels in the Social Media Planner. So if you want to add short-form videos to your social media outreach, you can now do so within ROI Ninjas CRM!

There are many advantages to using Instagram Reels, not the least of which is increased visibility. Instagram Reels allows our CRM users to reach a wider audience with the possibility of it being featured on the Explore page. The additional exposure can help you to get more new followers and reach a bigger audience than before.

But that’s not even getting into the enhancements that were made to our workflow UI, account filtering by email service provider, and so on. Just the email integrations and synching alone account for more than half a dozen enhancements, updates, and upgrades. With even more coming in August!

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