Digital Marketing Case Studies - Marketing X-Ray Report: CMS Restoration Services

Digital Marketing Case Studies – Marketing X-Ray Report: CMS Restoration Services.

If you don’t know your online marketing is broken, it will cost you a lot of money! So we are on a mission to show small business owners what to look for and what they can do about it. But when Charles did a little research on this company, it was shocking to learn just how much this company was missing.

Digital Marketing Case Studies - Marketing X-Ray Reports: CMS Restoration Services

Not knowing is costing you money!!

We’ll give a hint it’s in the video and covered here. But more importantly, ensure this isn’t happening to your business! Because if you have similar problems, you will definitely lose out on many opportunities.

CMS Restoration Services: Reasons for concern

Digital Marketing Case Studies – Marketing X-Ray Report: CMS Restoration Services

First, one thing immediately stands out, CMS Restoration Services is only on 12 out of 77+ major search engines. Also, of those 12 search engine listings, the accuracy of the business information was about 17%. Additionally, there are no reviews of any kind found in the report.

Furthermore, the company’s listing does not have an SMS/Text capable number. The Marketing X-Ray diagnostic didn’t find an active website for this company. Plus, not much in the line of social media is on any of the listings for this company.

But consumers are looking for reviews. Potential customers are looking for social media. And if your business doesn’t even have a reputable website, don’t expect your phone to ring. Because marketing studies show in cases like these, potential customers will actively avoid you because of the lack of information.

CMS Restoration Services: Corrective recommendations

Make no mistake, the owner of this business (if they’re still in business) must take massive action right now. So here are our top recommendations for this case study:

  1. First and foremost, fix that website! Whether your site was hacked or the domain name was not renewed in time, having any listing going to porn sites is damaging any credibility you may have. The damage is already done, but picking up the pieces properly will not be easy, cheap, or quick.
  2. Fix your Google My Business listing to reflect the proper contact information and start using it to get some reviews. Your listing there will be the foundation of a strong online presence and recovering from the mess you have now.
  3. Use an SMS/Text enabled phone number for your business. Make it easier for people to buy your services. Because when hurdles are taken away for your company’s potential customers to buy your services, you make it easier to make more sales!

There is a lot more that can and should happen here. For us, it truly is mind-blowing. But the main idea is to do something now to start fixing the problems. Also, the numerous marketing problems (and there are many) will not go away by chance.

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