News & Announcements: Major Content Changes to the C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC web assets

Major Content Changes

Since Thanksgiving of 2018, we have been working on some Major Content Changes and our social media. We were faced with some tough choices as and we made too many compromises. So in the meantime, we were also working on a “Plan B” all along.

News & Announcements: Major Content Changes to the C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC web assets


First, we are excited and proud to finally make this announcement. This is the website that we wanted since the beginning. But that also required us to move everything to a much faster server. And our plan to make our agency website much more mobile-friendly required a lot more work too.

Second, to make the structure of our articles and videos more intuitive, we also had to change many things. Since 2005 or so our articles have all been organized by year. Now we are organizing everything by category instead.

Third, we also changed the link structure to match the category based posts as opposed to the years-based structure used previously. So that means that we also painstakingly went through every page and post to make those changes. And in the interest of our followers, we created hundreds of redirects so you can still find your favorite content.

Additionally, we also spent a lot of time creating a more descriptive page and post titles. Since we are also interested in improving our SEO, we added snippets to every page and post. Again, we can share with you that it’s a very time-consuming and tedious process. But the main idea here is that we make our site more user-friendly for you.

Major Content Changes for C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

In summary, the updates & changes:

  • Updated categories and posts
  • Hundreds of redirects to keep SEO
  • Added or tweaked page and post titles and descriptions
  • Migrated entire website and blog to a cloud-based web server
  • Increased page loading speed significantly
  • Removed dated and obsolete content