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Digital Marketing Automation is an incredibly easy way to reduce your workload. But without it, small business owners will find themselves doing a lot of repetitive manual work. So in other words, not working on their business or profit-producing activities.

However, Lead Generation, nurturing, and follow-up doesn’t need to be repetitive chores. Because now you can put your marketing on autopilot and focus on what you do best, running your business. ROI Ninjas reduces your monthly expenses and your daily workload.

ROI Ninjas is Digital Marketing Automation

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ROI Ninjas replaces more than 12 apps & services

The future of Digital Marketing Automation: ROI Ninjas

When you automate as much of the repetitive, manual task as you can, you free up a lot of time. So that you and your team can focus more on what matters most, making your customers happy. But ROI Ninjas also replaces the need for more than a dozen different services, reducing your monthly expenses too.

Here is just a small list of what ROI Ninjas can save you time and money with:

  • Analytics
  • Bookings / Scheduling
  • Contact Management
  • Customer Relationship (CRM)
  • Landing Page/Website Builder
  • Payment Processing
  • Reviews
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Text/SMS Messaging
  • And so much more!

4 ways to use Digital Marketing Automation (and ROI Ninjas)

4 Ways Smart-Marketers Use Digital Marketing Automation

Growing your business is most likely your ultimate goal. However, as your business grows, so does the amount of work that needs to be done. But you don’t have to let that hold you back.

So right now you have two options at your disposal. You and your team can handle the work manually, hoping that you don’t miss something. Or you can automate a lot of that work and focus on your customers.

Because trying to manage a variety of marketing tools across multiple platforms is a tedious challenge. Believe us, we tried it and it didn’t work. But here are some lessons we found along the way.

1. Build advertising campaigns that run on autopilot

You cannot run campaigns manually and scale your business. Since it is labor-intensive to just run ads on Facebook for example. So if you add Instagram, Google, and YouTube, things get complicated really fast.

However, Digital Marketing Automation takes those manual operations out of your workflow. So then you can focus on the creative side of your business, such as content creation. With our “platform” – our term for the web-based software and service ROI Ninjas, that does the work for you – you can do things automatically. For example, track leads from Google Ads and so much more.

Here are just a few examples of what ROI Ninjas can automatically do for you:

Automatically add new contacts/leads to ROI Ninjas.

Add new bookings/meetings to your online calendar or multiple calendars.

Automate your campaigns’ scheduled email and SMS/Text messages.

Full integrations with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Google.

Accept online payments securely and monitor your income.

Real-time chat via email, Messenger, phone, and SMS/Text.

2. Create an email marketing machine

Email follow-up campaigns, nurture content, even newsletters are all easy ways to engage with your customers. But they are also one of the most overlooked and underutilized means of communication. Because emailing them on a regular, consistent basis will help you stay top of mind.

However, you have to capture that information from your leads as well as your customers. So it benefits you to start doing so if you are not already. Because once you have that information, you can keep marketing to them for free.

ROI Ninjas allows you to easily do both and does not require 3rd party apps like Drip or MailChimp. The forms can be created directly within our platform. But that is just the beginning of the incredible tools available. So here are just a few more examples of what ROI Ninjas can do for your business:

Add new subscribers from social media leads.

Easily manage all contacts and assign team members from one place.

Import and export contacts to and from ROI Ninjas.

Automatically add new leads to email campaigns.

Send out appointment reminders to reduce no-shows automatically.

Automatically ask for reviews after the service is done.

3. Manage your social media, not the other way around

Conversations on social media happen fast. So there’s a lot more static – an incredible amount of it – that you have to cut through to be seen and heard. But one way to always get noticed is having real-time conversations within a few minutes of someone sending you a message.

For example, Facebook isn’t the only “game” in town, but it’s still an essential one for growing your business. According to them, more than 90 million businesses use it, and about half report growing their business since starting. Also, according to Facebook, nearly 100% of the businesses that reported growth are fast to answer any messages.

However, managing conversations in real-time across multiple social media channels is labor-intensive. But ROI Ninjas saves you time and hassles by having a unified conversation center. Facebook Messenger, email, text messages, and even recorded phone calls are all conveniently located in one spot.

Here’s some more example of how ROI Ninjas can automate and combine a lot of your communication for social media and more:

ROI Ninjas integrates with Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Full integration with Google Ads, Analytics, Calendar, My Business, etc.

Have conversations in real-time via Messenger, email, SMS/Text, etc.

ROI Ninjas also integrates seamlessly with WordPress via a plugin.

Create custom surveys for social media with ROI Ninjas

Capture more leads with custom forms from ROI Ninjas form builder.

4. Leverage webinars, live streams, and live events

One of the least expensive ways of attracting new customers is by using live streaming on social media. But live events and webinars are great ways to attract more attention too. Because they are fairly easy to do with some technical know-how and they cost little to nothing to do.

However, running any sort of event, virtual or in-person can be stressful enough. You have enough on your mind when it’s time to shine. So even if your conference is amazing, being the buzz of your industry doesn’t create leads or close more sales alone. You and your team still need to do a lot of work reaching out to attendees, etc.

Or you can leverage ROI Ninjas to do all of that for you and focus on growing your customer base. Here are more ways that our platform can help you automate your business:

Add/Update webinar registrants to your ROI Ninjas contacts automatically.

Automatically add new registrants to your Google Calendars.

Schedule SMS/Text Message reminders to registered attendees.

Capture secure payments online with Stripe and ROI Ninjas.

Manage multiple team calendars and sync them with Google.

Send automatic reminders for GoTo, Loom, and Zoom meetings

Digital Marketing Automation: a quick summary

Wrapping up, every customer journey is different for every one of your clients. Someone may know everything there is to know about your company and has stalked you for years. Someone else may know nothing at all. So you need to market to each of them quite differently.

Using our ROI Ninjas platform allows you to customize your approach without increasing your workload. Our platform integrates a wide variety of marketing tools and automates the process of sharing data between them. So it brings it all together in one place, making your marketing efforts much more efficient and effective. Also, it makes bridging the gap between your company and your customers easier than ever before.

Finally, these are just an example of the many ways you can save time and effort. ROI Ninjas places all the Digital Marketing Automation tools your company needs to succeed in place. But even though this will reduce duplication of effort and wasting personnel hours, it’ll save you a lot of money too.

Want to learn more about ROI Ninjas?

ROI Ninjas is a software and service by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC. It eliminates the need for expensive upgrades to systems and software as well as technical expertise. It is a full suite of powerful digital marketing tools that puts everything your business needs to succeed right in the palm of your hand.

It’s the future of marketing and sales: ROI Ninjas!

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