Marketing X-Ray by C E Snyder Marketing LLC

Marketing X-Ray by C E Snyder Marketing LLC

Marketing X-Ray Report
ROI Ninjas Marketing X-Ray Report – Deep dive into your business to increase your sales growth!

What do you do if your marketing is broken? How would you even know? But the million-dollar question is, who do you ask for help that offers ways to fix it?

Marketing X-Ray Reports by

C E Snyder Marketing LLC

Marketing X-Ray - Digital Marketing by C E Snyder Marketing LLC - Helping you get more customers!

Your marketing health is something you should monitor every month. Sadly, most businesses go for years without ever giving it a second thought, if ever. Also, most companies never give it a second thought because no one ever told them they should keep an eye on it. So problems go unnoticed for a long time.

However, ignoring it will cost you traffic, leads, and ultimately making some sales. And in tough economic times, that can make all the difference for most business owners. So heed this warning before it’s too late; get your Marketing X-Ray today!

What Is A Marketing X-Ray Report?

What is it, and why does it matter to you?

It’s simple; it’s a report that looks through your website, search engine listings, social media, and more to see the health of your online presence. Kind of like an x-ray, you get when you break a bone; it allows our specialists to see beyond what most people can see. So it also looks at your reviews, the accuracy of your listings, and more.

Marketing X-Ray Reports by C E Snyder Marketing LLC

An example of a report that we ran for one of our long-term clients…

The information contained in our report is provided to you for free because we believe in delivering value first. Additionally, the information in our reports is essential for ensuring that people are finding you. Since more than 70+ major search engines use this information, it helps if your business information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

The Marketing X-Ray Report does just that! It is a new (and FREE for a limited time) Marketing Service provided by C E Snyder Marketing LLC.

Marketing X-Ray: What’s in the report

The first thing you will see in your Marketing X-Ray Report is an Online Health Score. It tells you the overall health of your website listings and accuracy, represented as a percentage. The higher the percentage number the better your score, and the better your business is doing online.

Search engine listing accuracy - Marketing X-Ray Reports by C E Snyder Marketing LLC
Listing accuracy (for search engines) and Reviews Summary – two vital areas for getting more sales!

Also, the report will display your current Google Maps listing information. Plus, whether or not you are using a WordPress website and if your listed business phone number is text messaging enabled. WordPress websites are great for establishing a professional online presence. However, 9 out of 10 people want to use messaging to interact with businesses like yours.

Additionally, you’ll know if your listing information is accurate (also a percentage) and if you have any reviews. We measure reviews on Facebook and Google, how many are positive, negative, and your totals too. But there is also a rating breakdown of how you are doing on both platforms.

For Facebook, it’ll tell you your rating and how many recommend or do not recommend your business. Your Google Reputation is broken down by how many stars people have given you and examples of good and bad reviews. Preferably you want more good reviews, but having no reviews at all is not good either.

Marketing X-Ray: Why it is important

Knowledge is power. Knowing that there may be a problem with your marketing and advertising allows you to do something about it. So you can take corrective action, make appropriate changes, and improve your business. But you have to know there is a problem before you can do anything about it.

For example, the listing information is incorrect or out-of-date on your Google Maps listing. Another example is an old mailing address or physical location, a wrong or missing phone number, or a missing website address. These are all potentially severe problems that could cost you traffic and ultimately, sales. Plus, that’s not even talking about the reality that it lowers your SEO score and search engine ranking.

Another issue that often gets overlooked is that of your online reputation. Your reviews, good and not-so-good, matter. So you will want to keep an eye on your customer reviews, recommendations, and online reputation. They have a major effect on your sales and your bottom line!

What are your next steps?

Once you sign up for a free, no-obligation Marketing X-Ray, the next step is to schedule an appointment. You will meet with Charles via Zoom (a free video-conferencing tool) to have him explain your report. But he will also give you recommendations on how to correct errors and improve your marketing health.

Again, this is free of charge and costs you nothing. You will not be under any obligation to buy anything. Better yet, you will come away from the report and meeting with Charles knowing exactly what (if anything) is wrong and what your options are to fix it.

Even if you already have a marketing person or team in-house, we will work with them to make the necessary improvements. Which can range from a listing service to reputation management or CRM services. Regardless, we will work with you and your team to provide solutions that just make sense for you.

So Why Meet With Charles?

So you and your team now have your FREE Marketing X-Ray Report; why do you need a meeting with Charles? Because he can help you get the most out of your free report.

Charles E Snyder III, CAG

Charles E. Snyder III, CEO of C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Aside from Charles being the owner of our agency and a successful marketer, he is also a coach, consultant, and mentor for a growing number of small business owners globally. Each year, he teaches and consults for dozens of business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers. You can take advantage of his experience too.

Charles can take complex, technical topics and break them down into bite-sized nuggets that are easier to understand. He gives you a birds-eye view and outlines simple solution steps that you can understand and are actionable. But more importantly, Charles can help you avoid costly mistakes when correcting your marketing strategies.

However, he doesn’t sugar-coat the truth for you, so his style isn’t for everyone. He cuts through the B.S. and gets right to the point of helping you make more sales. We call it tough love and find it refreshing!

Marketing X-Ray + Page Speed Report (Limited Time Offer)

As part of our soft launch of the Marketing X-Ray reports, we will also include a free bonus offer for those that schedule a meeting with Charles. But you need to sign up for the Marketing X-Ray and schedule a meeting with Charles to also get a free page speed report. Just a little bonus for people that take action now instead of later.

So why are we including a page speed report too?

Because the speed at which your web pages load on your website is critical to your SEO score. But that also affects how well your website ranks on search engines too. If your web pages take more than three seconds to load, you’re losing out on mobile traffic, and your competition will rank better.

Additionally, when you meet with Charles, he’ll be looking at other factors that affect your search engine ranking. So it only makes sense to look at page speed too. What are you waiting for? Act now!

Demonstrating value first

If your business is anything like most of our customers, you get bombarded with emails and calls daily. Most are garbage from mediocre marketers asking you to buy from them without ever providing anything of value. But if you’re skeptical like we are, we’ll never spend money with someone we do not know, like, and trust. Ever!

Would you?

So we do things the opposite of what most marketers do them; we provide you with value first. Such as our ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks, the ROI Ninjas Marketing Master Guide, and now the ROI Ninjas Marketing X-Ray. Yes, it is some extra work but we do it for one very big reason – IMPACT.

Also, ROI Ninjas CRM customers with Managed Accounts receive weekly reports on their marketing efforts. Plus, we will maintain your Marketing X-Ray Report so that you can continue to monitor the progress of your marketing health.

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