ROIN Speed Boost - ROI Ninjas SaaS gets several tweaks and enhancements

We are constantly monitoring and improving ROI Ninjas SaaS, thus the title, ROIN Speed Boost. By the way, ROIN is short for ROI Ninjas, just in case you were wondering. But why blog about this?

ROIN Speed Boost - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Because it matters to our clients!

One thing that we do is keep a close eye on is the usability of our platform. So speed, like app and page loading times, is a big factor in the end-user experience. Since that matters, we are always working on improving our service.

Specifically, our engineering team is always keeping an eye on performance and reliability. So they do a lot of Vudoo technical stuff on the backend to always look at ways we can improve our platform. But we are also fairly certain that most people (including our clients) don’t give a hoot about stuff like load balancing and server calls. They just want it to work and they want it to work fast.

We hear you loud and clear

Also, we understand that adding more features and functionality is what many of our clients want too. So there’s a lot more cool stuff coming this year, not the least of which is ROI Ninjas University – an awesome new addition for self-paced learning. But more on that later, most likely in late March 2022.

Additionally, we are still testing a lot of ROI Ninjas SaaS. However, the best test is having more customers using the system. So that means we will be, in short order, working on getting more users signed on.

ROIN Speed Boost is live!

First of all, this is just one of those things that we did without really talking about it. We didn’t even mention it in the latest January 2022 Updates which came out just a few days ago. Our team just made it happen and after testing it, there is an improvement.

So if you are at least vaguely interested, we have been looking at ways to increase page speed on the back-end of ROI Ninjas SaaS. But it’s all about improving the dashboard and other system pages for our growing community of subscribers. Not so much what any of their (or maybe your) customers will see.

However, there should also be a small boost to client websites, landing pages, and forms too. Because of the speed and performance boost, there will also be minor boosts to search engine ranking as well. In other words, this performance boost will also help our clients with SEO a little bit.

ROIN Speed Boost: other tweaks

We’ve made about half a dozen other little security tweaks and minor improvements. Not the least of which is updating a good portion of the ROI Ninjas SaaS landing page. That page and each of the subsequent ones in that funnel are having a complete overhaul.

But that also means a few updates and corrections need to be made to the forthcoming “Quick Start Guide” in ROI Ninjas University. So more on that later as well, since we are still working on videos, etc.

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