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March-April 2021 UpdatesNews & Announcements. With the ramp-up of federally supported vaccination sites across the U.S. – I’ve been very busy. Unfortunately, that means not a whole lot of work was going on while I was on deployment. So that includes refreshing old content or creating any new content too.

March-April 2021 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

I’m back home and back to work!

Also, I’m rolling March and April into one update this time around. Because I didn’t get much done in March and April wasn’t much better. Plus for 65 days straight, I was working 15 hours a day, with no days or time off. So I didn’t have much energy or spare time to do much of anything.

In summary, I didn’t have much spare time while I was in Jacksonville, Florida.

Changes, additions, and edits

But some of the ongoing work did happen while I was away. Not much, but I did do some work on the rare occasion that I could. So here’s are a few of the highlights:

  • 5 Minutes With Charles Episodes 1 – 40 articles and videos are done, 10 more to go!
  • The full integration of ROI Ninjas (SaaS) into our website, blog, and other web pages.
  • ROI Ninjas is working with our Google My Business, Google Reviews, and Google Ads integrations.
  • ROI Ninjas is also working well with our Facebook Business Page, Messenger, and our secure payment gateway.
  • All of our old funnels, etc. have been removed and are being replaced with full ROI Ninjas integrations.

However, we are still working on squashing a few bugs before we open for beta-testing. With the update of Google Analytics a few months ago, we are having some issues. Specifically with getting data from Analytics to display on the ROI Ninjas dashboard.

*This issue was resolved in early May 2021.

A sneak (blurry) peak at the ROI Ninjas Dashboard.
ROI Ninjas Dashboard (blurred)

March-April 2021 Updates: more development in May

I dislike talking about what may or may not happen in the coming month. So instead of trying to predict the future, I’ll share what my focus is on for the remainder of the month. Also, my goal is for ROI Ninjas ready for beta-testing by the end of May.

But that means that we have to get a major bug fixed and do some more quality testing over the next two weeks. However, I haven’t done any of the promotional work yet, other than mentioning it in some articles. Because it is essentially your business “in a box” and it has to work properly.

So later this month or maybe in June, I will elaborate in much greater detail just what ROI Ninjas is. We’re excited and we know a lot of small business owners will be too!

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