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BLM Construction & Remodeling LLC

BLM Construction & Remodeling LLCMarketing Case Studies 001. Since this is my first case study, I am reviewing a local business. I found out about them from a mutual contact, that gave me the referral. So here is what I found as soon as I started doing a little research into their business.

BLM Construction & Remodeling LLC - Marketing Case Studies 001 by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Some easy wins for you!

First, let me just say that Barry and Heidi’s business presence is a good start. They have a website and they have a Facebook business page with some followers. Even better yet, they have even provided before and after photos of their projects, which demonstrates their craft. Major kudos!

You’re off to a good start, but…

So let’s face it, even when we have a good start, there’s always something we can be doing better. Since the same is true for this company, here are a few recommendations that really stood out. Here are three major ones that won’t necessarily cost you any money to fix:

  • Improve Messenger Response Time – This one is killing you on Facebook. When I observed that your response time is about one day, you have to be concerned about what your page visitors’ perception will be when they see that. Answer in 15 minutes or less.
  • Customer Reviews – Your Facebook page has none and your website has three. Do you have any reviews on Yelp or some other website? Social proof (i.e. reviews) influence other people into at least checking your business out. Without it, you’re losing leads and sales!
  • Videos – Videos are huge, especially on social media. At the minimum, Barry should have a brief video introducing himself as the owner of the business. I would recommend that Heidi create a short video too. It builds trust and puts a human face on your business.

Major hurdles to you making more sales…

  • Your website is slooooooow! – This is the single biggest hurdle that I saw, that is costing you a lot leads, which is throwing money away. A website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load is driving people away from your website. And this is not going to be a cheap fix.
  • Marketing – I did not find any evidence that you are using any sort of tracking or targeting pixels on your website and social media. If you’re not marketing at all on social media, you’re missing out on a lot of potential business. If you are advertising on social media without trackers, you’re shooting blindfolded at a moving target. Again, this is not a cheap fix, but this is what my agency does every day.
  • Videos – I will mention videos again because they can get you a lot of attention, drive more traffic, generate a lot more leads and boost your sales. You can create them rather cheaply and quickly, but if you want to project a professional image right away, this is something that is better left to a specialist. My agency can help you with scripts, and video editing or join our Marketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club.

Some recommended articles & videos

Recommended services for BLM Construction & Remodeling LLC

  • Marketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club – At the bare minimum, I would highly encourage you to consider joining. The incredible value it will be to you is ridiculously cheap when you consider its only $5/month.
  • Hire Us – My agency primarily does social media marketing or simply put, we get you more customers. We can also build your social media following and develop your brand too. Last but not least, we can also help you with your website problems.
Marketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club, a little bit of AWESOME in your inbox!
Marketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club, a little bit of AWESOME in your inbox!
BLM Construction & Remodeling LLCMarketing Case Studies 001

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