Happy Independence Day 2018

Happy Independence Day 2018

Happy Independence Day 2018 from all of us here at C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC!  May your 4th of July celebrations be filled with family, friends and boat-load of fireworks!  Since who doesn’t enjoy cookouts, spending time with loved ones and blowing crap up after the sun goes down?

So OK, maybe blowing stuff up isn’t your cup of tea, but who doesn’t enjoy watching some fireworks?

Happy Independence Day 2018 from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC!

Anyway, we’re taking the day off to spend with our family and friends, so no videos today.  But we’ll be back again tomorrow with another episode of Charles Snyder Raw.  However, I will be publishing the latest installment of 1 Minute Marketing Tips within the next few hours.  So yeah you guessed it, I’m still working a little this morning while Ann is out shopping.

I mean, how does that happen anyway?  I’m the owner and she has off for the day?  No seriously, who’s in charge here?

Oh wait a minute, my basic self-preservation sense is tingling, telling me that she’s the boss.  Oops, I mean she’s the “Queen of Operations” and I’m not worthy.

All joking aside, I’m working today because I screwed up Monday and didn’t finish yesterday.  What I’m referring to is the next episode of 1 Minute Marketing Tips.  I have the video done and it’s already available on our YouTube Channel (be sure to subscribe too).  I just have to finish writing the companion article now.

Thank you and God bless!

So on a more serious note, let’s not forget those that have given us our freedoms. Also, remember those that are working today, safe-guarding those freedoms. I’m talking about the men and women of the armed forces, the police, the firefighters and the medics. Show them some love.

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