Blogging Boosts SEO

Blogging Boosts SEO

Blogging Boosts SEOCharles Snyder Raw #131.  I hope you had a great weekend because I’m ready to get things cracking today!  Since I’m now feeling much better than I have been and my voice is back – it’s time to start creating more content.  So my topic today is all about content and how it can help you improve your marketing.

Blogging Boosts SEO - Charles Snyder Raw #131 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Blog often!

First, as I shared in SEO Without Content – Charles Snyder Raw #95, you cannot hope to properly do SEO without any content.  You need to create content and you need to do it regularly in order for it to do any good.  In fact, Hubspot says that websites with blogs can average 55% more traffic than websites without a blog!  And as I have shared before, active blogs average 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links!

Secondly, publishing content regularly also gets the search engine spiders coming back to your website more often.  So adding a growing sitemap file as text or better still, XML will expedite the process.  Blogging Boosts SEO when you create and publish content consistently by bringing Google, Bing, and Yahoo back more often.  And the easiest way to come up with ideas is by taking questions from your audience.

Last but not least, when you regularly answer questions from your audience, you are adding value.  There is value in informative content and your audience receives value in the form of getting answers.  I think that qualifies as a win-win situation and that creates more opportunities to turn visitors into customers.  Or better still, it’s an opportunity for you to turn someone into a fan, which has far more value!

In Summary

Even as Google states in its Search Engine Optimization Start Guide, your website should serve your visitor’s needs.  But you need to create and publish content in order for SEO to matter.  So to put it simply, content creation is good and doing so regularly is the best practice.

Blogging Boosts SEOCharles Snyder Raw #131

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