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Train Your Brain - Skills Development That Matters!

Since your creativity and success are dependent upon what you put into your mind, create a Train Your Brain account now and fill your head with the good stuff!

So you may have noticed that there is an over-abundance of information out there on the Internet.  Who should you believe?  How do you sift through the incredible amount of conflicting information?  Where do you even start?

Hi, my name is Charles and I started out designing websites over 20+ years ago.  At that time, I was only doing it for fun and to learn some new skills.  So I had no idea that it would become my main source of income in just a few short years.  In fact, I never really intended it to become a major part of my business, but it did!

Since then I have published more than 500 articles, videos and books about websites, blogging, SEO and marketing.  I even spent some time touring the U.S. conducting seminars and workshops for thousands of students.  Also, I was featured on several podcasts and even had some of my seminars turned into a required learning program.

But please don’t confuse me with all the so-called gurus, thought-leaders and life-hackers out there!  I honestly don’t like most of them and for good reasons, but more on that later.  They always seem to fail mentioning that success takes work like I talk about in Success Reality-Check.

However I know there are some that are the genuine article and they provide value to their audiences.  And that my friends is the reason why I am re-establishing my agency as the go-to resource for digital marketing!

Train Your Brain - Skills Development That Matters!  Webinars and online classes and more!

Train Your Brain – Skills Development That Matters! Webinars, online classes and more!

Train Your Brain – Skills Development That Matters!

Our Train Your Brain Programs are all about you – we give you the information you need to help you succeed.  So our goal is to provide you with valuable skills development that helps you achieve your goals.  Last but not least, you get only the important stuff without all the fluff.  You know, kind of like most college courses.

Train Your Brain Properly!  Chief Snyder teaching practical skills to a group of cadets, circa 2012.

Train Your Brain Properly! Chief Snyder teaching practical skills to a group of cadets, circa 2012.

Since I was a fire chief, in what seems like a lifetime ago, I was working towards a Bachelor Degree.  The requirements to take classes that had nothing to do with Fire & Emergency Management annoyed me.  I remember thinking to myself, after hundreds of hours of boredom and thousands of dollars of debt, what the Hell!

So what I mean is that in 30+ years of firefighting, I have never seen a fire go out by holding up a degree!  I knew from experience that if I stood too close to a fire with degree in hand, it would go up in flames.  And yes, I literally held up a degree near a large fire to make two points.

First, my young students were staring at me in shock that I would do that with a college degree.  Secondly, I knew they would always remember that class because of the shock value.  They would always remember the principle of radiant heat allowing fire to “jump” across open areas.  But more importantly, they would also remember that a degree doesn’t mean squat without practical skills and experience!

Last but not least, it’s also safe to say that they learned a third valuable lesson that day.  It’s not a good idea to blindly run into a dangerous situation with or without the protection of your degree!

Train Your Brain Properly!

So look, here’s the real scoop on what I just shared with you.  Some people have claimed that I am bashing education, teachers, learning and so on.  Actually nothing could be further from the truth!  I am a firm believer in learning and developing new skills – life is a never ending process of learning.  Now I see education is leaning more towards making money, than it is at providing you with practical skills.

I observed this first-hand as I was working on obtaining certification as a fire instructor.  Also, I witnessed it again as I began teaching new firefighters.  Each year the requirement for classroom lecture grew, leaving less time for practical skills development.

Anyway, I seen it time and time again as I signed up for more college classes.  Less time was devoted to building real-world experience and more time went to theory and fluff.  Therefore just one more reason I place emphasis on proper training and skills development.

Or as the old wise saying goes, garbage in = garbage out!

Train Your Brain – Theory & Fluff Not Included!

Since those days of going to college classes and teaching, I promised myself that I would focus on the practical.  So now I’m passing along that commitment to you too.  But be warned, if you are wanting lots of extra crap to pad your education, you won’t find it here!