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July 2022 Updates – News & Announcements from C E Snyder Marketing LLC.

Hey, it’s already Q3 and we are moving forward with a few projects to get more attention. Because as we have said time and again, your income is directly related to how much attention you get. Since that is true, grabbing more attention means you can make more offers, and making more offers means that you will make more sales!

July 2022 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

What’s new?

So are you getting more attention this year? Are you doing anything about it?

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

July 2022 Updates: New staff

During this past month, Jethro “Jet” Magnabe became the latest addition to our team. He is now going through some initial training and will be helping his older sister, Ann, with our outreach efforts. But first, both Ann and Jet are in intensive internal training programs to learn more about our 2025 Vivid Vision.

Welcome aboard, Jethro "Jet" Magnabe!

Jet is a 2022 graduate of high school. He wants to develop his marketing and advertising skills and save money to attend culinary school next year. His hobbies include cooking, video games, and annoying his older sister, Ann.

Check out the latest version of our Team Members page!

ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks relaunch

At the beginning of July, we quietly began sending out our ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks email again. Well, we briefly mentioned it in last month’s post, June 2022 Updates. But that was the only time that we publicly said anything about it until now.

However, our weekly kicks emails contain exclusive content that you will never find anywhere else. If you would like to join our growing subscriber list. Visit our ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks Subscription Page or fill out the super-quick form below.

*Please Note: We hate spam as much as you do! We will never sell, rent, share, or any other way distribute any of your personal information.

July 2022 Updates: Website work zone

As you likely have seen already, we are also in the process of revamping our websites, landing pages, etc. Most of that work is already done. But we still have a lot of work and tweaking a few things with our main website and blog. So of course that also means that we have a lot of content to review.

However, while we are making everything look uniform, our main reason for these updates was the following. First and foremost, we are making all of our web content mobile-friendly. Secondly, our main website for far too long has been slow-loading on all portable smart devices.

Last but not least, once the ROI Ninjas CRM University is released, it’ll visually look similar too.

ROI Ninjas CRM Updates

ROI Ninjas CRM is built on the incredibly powerful Go HighLevel platform, which is constantly being improved. So the performance of ROI Ninjas is always improving too.

But we have been working just as tirelessly to improve our service offerings too. So now, ROI Ninjas comes with more than 100+ emails, text messages, landing pages, and website templates! And there are even more great things coming soon!

Also, as we have made several hints about this year, ROI Ninjas University is coming. Our first online course is still being developed, so unfortunately we jumped ahead of ourselves by announcing it. But we are all-in and this is going to be an absolutely empowering experience when it’s done!

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