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February 2021 UpdatesNews & Announcements. So here we are in March now and I am only just now getting a chance to write. Because about two weeks into the new year, I’ve been deployed ever since. This means some more delays before we make our incredible announcement.

February 2021 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Another month, another delay

But if you are lucky enough to be reading this, I will tell you what the big announcement is. Since just about every business under the sun can use this system, we’re not making this common knowledge. At least for now.

Regardless, here is what have accomplished during the past month.

Upgrades and new stuff

First, I didn’t quite hit my goal of completing the refresh of the remaining 5 Minutes With Charles articles and videos. But, episodes #1 – #33 have had the full edit done to them. So I am aiming at doing the remaining episodes by the end of March.

Second, I will be working on editing the few remaining News & Announcements articles as well as the remaining Digital Marketing posts. However, there are some longer articles in those categories. So I may not have enough time on deployment to edit all of those in March.

Third on the hit-list in March is completing the integration of our flagship suite of Marketing Automation, ROI Ninjas. What that looks like is pulling all of our remaining funnels and disparate automation services, into one. All of which can be accessed and managed via our integrated ROI Ninjas dashboard.

February 2021 Updates: squashing bugs

So as a result of the time constraints I am currently under, testing has been dragging out longer than I want. But progress is being made and the bug safari is in full swing. Most are minor in nature, but annoying and time-consuming nonetheless.

Looking forward, that means we are almost ready to begin creating the necessary training documentation and videos for ROI Ninjas. Once we finally reach that point, we will be looking for a small group of beta-testers to try it out. So if you want to save money, you need to contact us right now to apply to be a beta tester for ROI Ninjas.

The only other thing I will say about ROI Ninjas at this point is that you don’t want to miss out! The combination of services this replaces for us alone is more than $4,000 a month. So here is your chance to save money and test out our new service offering.

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