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August 2022 Updates – News & Announcements by C E Snyder Marketing LLC.

We continue working on everything from last month as well as breathing new life into our private Facebook group, ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks. But more on that a little further into the article, as there is a lot to cover. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

August 2022 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Did I do that?

Also, we are launching our 10K TikTok Challenge soon. So far, we have not opened it up to the public (yet) as we are still working out some of the details. But as usual, I have gotten ahead of myself and spilled some beans about it already.

August 2022 Updates: On-going projects

Since I hit the publish button on July 2022 Updates, we have been on working on quite a few things. Such as Ann and Jet both continue learning more about our Agency as well as becoming familiar with my 2025 Vivid Vision. But of course, we are continually learning more about ROI Ninjas CRM and how we can make better use of the platform.

Additionally, ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks continues to grow as we add more great content there. So we are also actively building our audience and recommending they join the private Facebook group too. However, this is all being done organically so far, which takes time to build up the membership.

What’s new this month?

A lot! There have been some performance enhancements to ROI Ninjas CRM. Also, we are chipping away at the new design for our main website. But that will be a long process as we as mainly focused on building more business partnerships. As well as helping more HVAC companies with their online ads, marketing, and sales.

Additionally, as I share above, we are developing our 10K TikTok Challenge. I would like to launch that by the end of September 2022. But I do not have a set date for that yet. However, in the meantime, please stop by and follow us on TikTok.

Also, I have been live streaming in the ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks private Facebook group. Well three times so far, with more coming each week on Mondays. There will be more and I will be talking about the most recent Weekly Kicks email, adding more insight into the topic.

August 2022 Updates: Some more updates

Coming soon, ROI Ninjas CRM will offer WordPress hosting too! It’s lightning fast and it’s built on reliable Google Cloud infrastructure. So it’s also very secure! Hey, we’re excited about it and we know some of you are too!!

But we are looking for a few websites to do our first round of live-testing performance. Interested? Simply use our Contact Us form with the subject “WordPress Beta Testing” and we’ll set up a brief consultation to get some information, discuss pricing, etc.

Last but not least, we have started working on a special mini-website just for our 10K TikTok challenge. More details and web address will be coming soon.

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