Black Friday: Pre-Sale Discount

Black Friday: Pre-Sale Discount

Black Friday: Pre-Sale Discount for our Marketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club is on right now! So the time has never been better for small business owners and marketers to benefit. And to be honest with you, MNWK Club will NEVER be this ridiculously low again.

Please Note: This special offer is no longer valid as it expired on 5 December 2019. However, the links will still take you to the waiting list. So you may register for notifications and updates. Also, check out our current Digital Marketing Services and specials.

BLACK FRIDAY: PRE-SALE DISCOUNT – ENDS 12/5 – Marketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club

What is Marketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club all about? On 4 November, I wrote an engaging article with a lot of details. Check it out here: Marketing Ninja Weekly.

DON’T MISS OUT: Weekly awesomeness for just $60 for an entire year

You can get a year of our premium content for less than it would cost for a concert ticket. That means you’ll get all these awesome features:

  • On-demand video training
  • Access to our private FB group
  • Scam on my sales scripts, templates and more!

For less than you would pay for a Bon Jovi concert ticket, our club can help you get more customers and increase your sales. So then you can to as many concerts as you want, like Coldplay, Journey, and Maria Carey. Is it a no-brainer? We believe so!

Raise your marketing & sales game

Cover your marketing and sales bases today with our Marketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club. Don’t just watch our videos and read our articles, join today, and practice what you learn. So now you can get a deeper understanding of why you should create content and what content to create. Also, who you should be targeting and how to speak to them to get customers that are ready to buy from you now.

So here is our recommendation: Don’t just focus on trying to get as many customers as possible. Eliminate stress and fussing over what to do next. Charles and his team will give you a better understanding of everything:

So yes, if you’ve ever wondered if you should buy our services, NOW is the time to do it! Why postpone getting more customers any further? Right NOW is the time to DO something about it, to light a fire under it, and make a REAL change in your business and life! Marketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club.

Happy Black Friday!

Black Friday: Pre-Sale DiscountMarketing Ninja Weekly Kicks Club

P.S. If you find our articles and videos to be entertaining and educational, take a moment to join at ROI-Ninjas Weekly Kicks. It’s free and it’s just one email, once per week. There’s no obligation or purchase necessary and you can unsubscribe at any time. Just click on the banner below now to get started.

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