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Our Funnel Of Many Videos

Our Funnel Of Many VideosCharles Snyder Raw #55.  Today I talk a little bit about pausing the 5 Minutes With Charles series of articles and videos.  I also talk about the future of our content production and how it all fits in together.  Also, I am revealing our multiple funnels made up of many short articles and videos.

Our Funnel Of Many Videos - Charles Snyder Raw #55: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

I’m reorganizing my priorities.

Since I am talking about the future, some of the content I am referring to has not been created yet. But I can tell you that it will be soon as I have already started some of it. So there will be more information as it becomes available in the near future.

How all of our content fits together

As I mentioned above and in the video, our funnels are made up of many ads, videos, landing pages, etc. So a very large portion of our content is also free for all to consume. For example, our 1 Minute Marketing Tips and my Charles Snyder Raw content.

As a result, this forms our foundation to attract more traffic and generate leads. But the concept of our foundation is to provide our visitors with value in the form of educational information. Specifically, information that is entertaining, saves you time and simplifies your marketing.

Our Funnel Of Many Videos: what’s next?

So the next step is creating more content that has limited access, such as our webinars. I have yet to set my team to work on creating more of this, but it is coming. Also, this part of our funnel of many funnels will entertain as well as help to reduce the stress of digital marketing. But I’m designing this to give you access to a deeper understanding of what we do too.

Finally, I will bridge the gap between our foundation and webinars with exclusive, life-changing results. I started with the results before and it got very little attention because I ignored the middle steps. In other words, I skipped over a portion of the journey and got nowhere fast.

I intend to fix that directly, from this day forward!

Our Funnel Of Many VideosCharles Snyder Raw #55
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