My Brain Is On Vacation

My Brain Is On Vacation

My Brain Is On VacationCharles Snyder Raw #119.  So maybe I’m getting old and forgetting things – I sure did on Friday!  Maybe my head is already vacationing in the Philippines?  I’m ready to be there already and looking forward to having some down time just to relax.

My Brain Is On Vacation - Charles Snyder Raw #119 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Close my eyes and I’m already there.

Other than that, over the weekend we were working ahead on the next episode of 1 Minute Marketing Tips and I even got some of the script finished.  Also, we made a lot of progress towards a new class we’re developing and some other back-end stuff.  Therefore I am playing catch-up today with all the videos.  However, I had a pretty good weekend overall and I hope you did too!

Since I will be traveling for basically three days, starting next Monday, there may be a gap in content creation.  I plan to get some content ready for publication before I leave, but I am also limited by time.  So let me see how things shape up for the rest of the week and I will let you know.

Anyway, as I talk about in the previous episode Say Goodbye Quora – Charles Snyder Raw #118, I’m done with that website.  No less than 30 of my answers have disappeared from Quora in the past several weeks with no explanation.  And as I have also shared, there is no response to my repeated inquiries as to why.  So yes, to answer some of your questions, I will not post there again.

Last but not least, there are other ways of sending your questions to us.  I mention them as well in the previous video and article, such as any of our social media pages, our Contact page or simply click on the “Follow Me” banner below.

My Brain Is On VacationCharles Snyder Raw #119

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