More Thoughts On Re-Branding

More Thoughts On Re-Branding

Today I share some More Thoughts On Re-Branding my business and the issues I have encountered.  In fact, right after I finished Re-Branding Your Business Takes Time, I found another issue and have been working on that.  But the problem didn’t become evident until I set up a redirect on the old domain name.  I show you what I’m talking about in the video and actually fixing it on the back-end.

What happened is that I am using WordPress and I exported the old website to the new one using a different domain name.  The problem is that WordPress does not automatically update all of the URLs and that leads to several issues.  Without updating all of the URLs, you end up with broken links and images that don’t display.

Broken links leads to an even bigger problem with search engines and losing your placement in displayed results.  It also leads to frustrated website visitors that leave your website and may never return again.  As you likely have guessed or already know, this is not a good situation and I need to get it fixed fast!  Which leads to me adding More Thoughts On Re-Branding and actually showing you some of what I am working on.

You may be asking yourself, why even use WordPress if this is an issue?  Well to be honest the thought has crossed my mind and I have an answer for that.  While this is a pain in the you-know-what and I have some work to do fixing it, but WordPress does make it much easier.  As I mentioned in the video, doing this 20 years ago with static web pages would take more time and more work.  The secret to re-branding is in the planning.

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My videos are unscripted, unfiltered and mostly unedited thoughts about business and life.  Or as one friend put it, the semi-coherent ramblings of a genius or a madman (depending on who you ask).  But no matter which way you perceive it, these are my thoughts on the tough things that no one else is talking about.  Such as More Thoughts On Re-Branding.

Do You Want More Customers? Charles E. Snyder III Marketing - Direct Response Marketing Services
Do You Want More Customers? Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – Direct Response Marketing Services

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