Marketing Ninja Philippines

Marketing Ninja Philippines

Marketing Ninja PhilippinesCharles Snyder Raw #126.  Since I am forgetting stuff lately, I am publishing this video I recorded while in the Philippines.  So no excuses, I just want to stay on schedule and I’ll use another video for today’s episode too.

Marketing Ninja Philippines - Charles Snyder Raw #126 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

I think I forgot something…

Currently, I am up to my eyebrows in a marketing proposal project and going to use the episodes I already recorded, while in the Philippines.  Granted I talk about my personal experiences getting there, but I eventually get around to talking about marketing too.

Anyway, I should also mention that my voice is still on vacation and I have been feeling sick.  And to be honest, it doesn’t really surprise me actually.  I cannot remember the last time I was away for several weeks that I didn’t get sick when I came home.  Maybe I’m just allergic to my home town or something???

Regardless, my voice needs some additional rest because it has been feeling like 10 pounds of raw, festering hamburger.  Now there’s an image for you…lol.  However, I will be back creating new content when I am feeling better, which is hopefully soon!  But I digress – back to my video for today.

I actually did some work while I was there…

As I said already, this is mostly me talking about my Marketing Ninja Philippines trip and getting there.  Had I not been so damn tired and sleep-deprived, I would have made a video on the way home too.  But that’s a different story entirely – next time I definitely will, I promise you that.

So anyway, enjoy the video as I share in my misadventures while traveling.  If all goes well, I will be back tomorrow with more great content and more valuable marketing insight.  Until then, I hope you have a great day.  Peace!

Marketing Ninja PhilippinesCharles Snyder Raw #126

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