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Manipulation Games

Manipulation GamesCharles Snyder Raw #39. We are all being emotionally toyed with every day of our lives. Politicians do it every time they want your vote. Fake news attempts to control the narrative to get more viewers. And on and on and on.

Manipulation Games - Charles Snyder Raw #39: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Hey, buy my stuff!

So even the people that create those douchey car videos I was referring to in Testing A New Setup are messing with you. Usually it sounds something like “if you use XYZ, you’ll look better or feel better.” Or as in the douchey car videos, “buy my system to make a lot of money doing no work.”

Can you see the lesson in this?

On a personal note, I find that sort of marketing to be slimy at best. But there is a positive side to all of this. Or at least a method to use in a positive way that helps your audience and customers.

So what I am saying here is this, be open and honest with your marketing. Yes there is an emotional aspect to any good online advertising campaign. However, not to the point of knowingly making empty promises and outright false claims.

Manipulation Games: Doing it right

Simply put, any form of marketing and advertising can be considered a form of control. To one degree or another. But when you do it to help people, it solves problems, makes life easier or even makes the customer the “hero” of their story.

So another way of looking at it is this, get to the root of the problem and address that emotional desire. When you address that emotional desire AND solve a problem, then you are in the sweet spot. One where people will buy, they will be thankful and you’ll get some good reviews too.

But you have to be mindful of that and not take the easy way out. When you get lazy or greedy, people can tell. Just remember we are all constantly being bombarded with the latest scams and most people are way too savvy to fall for it.

Market and advertise with honesty and integrity.

Manipulation GamesCharles Snyder Raw #39
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