Manic Marketing Monday

Manic Marketing Monday

Manic Marketing MondayCharles Snyder Raw #71.  Since on Friday I was distracted and didn’t get much work done, I tried again Saturday.  Saturday wasn’t much better, so I took it easy the rest of the day and pretty much did nothing Sunday. But I did spend some time with family and friends over the weekend.

Manic Marketing Monday - Charles Snyder Raw #71 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Sometimes you just need a break!

So today is a Manic Marketing Monday of recording a lot of videos and getting the latest 1 Minute Marketing Tips video ready to publish. Since I didn’t get much done from Friday on, I am in video production mode today. And of course, that means writing some articles too.

It’s already ready already!

Aside from my weekend woes, in today’s video, I discuss the pitfalls of publishing more than one blog post in a day. For example, I find that posts published on Facebook and Twitter do better in the most recent spot. Even posts published earlier that same day don’t get as many views, clicks or likes, and shares as ones published later.

As a result, that is why I publish these Charles Snyder Raw articles and videos first. So that our 1 Minute Marketing Tips articles and videos get the best position for more views, likes, shares, clicks, etc. You should be doing the same if you publish more than one piece of content in a day.

Anyway, I go on later in the video to just kind of talk about my strategies for our website, our landing pages and marketing funnels. So I also talk a little about how I am prioritizing the work that needs to be done. Additionally, I talk about weighing the pros and cons of new content versus cleaning up what we already have published.

Manic Marketing MondayCharles Snyder Raw #71

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