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I’m Going To Offend Somebody

I’m Going To Offend SomebodyCharles Snyder Raw #43. No seriously, I am warning you that my video today is a rant. It’s about truth and reality and there is also some profanity too. So if you are easily offended by honesty, truth, and reality, then this article and video are not for you.

I'm Going To Offend Somebody - Charles Snyder Raw #43: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

You’ve been warned…

First, some background information before I go into my rant today. The Internet is in an uproar lately about Facebook and the supposed scraping of contact information of thousands of users. And the news media is stirring up a shit storm as usual.

Facebook fiasco or hyperbole hysteria?

A company that ran campaign advertisements for Trump in 2016 scraped contact information from Facebook. So what, marketing companies have been doing that for years. But now it’s a supposed data breach because he won the Presidency of the United States. Fake news!

However, what the left-wing media doesn’t want you to know is that companies have been doing this for decades. Since before there was an Internet. Marketing firms have scraped information from phone directories and census data for the last century or more!

I’m Going To Offend Somebody now

Anyway, Facebook is now abuzz with this guru and that social media influencer losing their damn cookies. Many are getting themselves all lathered up in a fake rage over it. Some have even said they are going to leave Facebook altogether because of it.

So I say good, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. Most of these folks that say they are going to bail are of no great loss. Not all, just the ones that post the douchey car ads of how they make millions doing no work. They are frauds and we are better without them.

In summary, all I am saying is that if you want to leave Facebook, please do so quietly. Most people don’t give a damn about your false outrage. Or your temper-tantrum because President Trump is still your President too.

I’m Going To Offend SomebodyCharles Snyder Raw #43
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