I’m Back Home

I’m Back Home

I’m Back HomeCharles Snyder Raw #98.  So I’ve finally made it back home last night, after a long day of flights and sitting in airports.  Thank God that trip is over, but now I’m getting back to work today.  Since I was having trouble getting videos published, especially the past few days, now I am working on catching up.

I'm Back Home - Charles Snyder Raw #98 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Time to get some stuff done!

But I’m behind on more than just the Raw videos, I have a lot of 1 Minute Marketing Tips to complete too!  And I’m not even mentioning all of the other little projects that have been placed on the back burner lately.

Where we’re going

Since we already covered where we are at now, the rest of the video is about what’s on my agenda. So looking forward, I have a lot of videos to create and of course the articles that go along with them. But as I stated before in several other videos, my biggest priority is to always be adding value in everything we do.

With that in mind, I discuss a number of options that I am thinking about in today’s video. Again my main focus is demonstrating value first and foremost in all of our projects. For example, in this video I talk about these projects that I want to tackle:

So as you can see, we have our work cut out for us for the rest of the year or maybe longer. And that’s not even accounting for the agency work that we do every day. But enough talking about it here, I have work to do!

I’m Back HomeCharles Snyder Raw #98

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