How To Create Content

How To Create Content

How To Create ContentCharles Snyder Raw #113.  Since it’s Friday and I’m feeling pretty good, I’m reaching into the Quora mail bag again.  So this time I was not asked directly to answer the question. But I found it to be an interesting one and I decided to share it with you.

How To Create Content - Charles Snyder Raw #113 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Start with what you know…

So here is Abraham’s question for us:

“What is the best way to get content when you want to build a blog about a niche that you don’t know anything about?”


So what if I wasn’t directly asked to answer this time around, I think it’s a good question.  Better still, as I was answering the question, I found my mind looking at it from several different perspectives.  Of course I share those thoughts in the video as well as talking about my original ideas.  Last but not least, I also cover a few basics that work for any kind of content creation strategy.

Steps to take

But the most concept here is if you are wanting to blog about a new subject, deep dive into it. Blog about your learning process and revelations you have along the way. So chat with industry leaders, interview them and blog about that too. Since guest blogging is an excellent way to build a following, recruit some to submit articles for your blog.

However I also want to add a word of caution here that I didn’t think about when creating this video. If your sole purpose here is to do it because you think you’ll make a lot of money; think twice about it! Blogging can be fun and lucrative, but it takes time, dedication and work.

How To Create ContentCharles Snyder Raw #113

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer answer questions like How To Create Content on Quora.  There are no checks and balances in place for the rampant censorship by some moderators.  And to make matters worse, inquiries about the anonymous censorship that goes on there have yet to see any reply.  Since that is the case, I will continue to help others, I just won’t be wasting my time on that website.  So Say Goodbye Quora!

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