BotNinja Huge Opportunities

BotNinja Huge Opportunities

BotNinja Huge OpportunitiesCharles Snyder Raw #121.  Since I let the cat out of the bag with Introducing BotNinja – Charles Snyder Raw #120, there’s been some excitement.  Well, we’re excited about it and the feedback we’ve gotten so far is that people love it.

BotNinja Huge Opportunities - Charles Snyder Raw #121 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

BotNinja – The helpful Messenger bot!

In fact, as of this evening, roughly 270 people have looked at BotNinja! They checked it out, played with it and even a few tried to break it (which didn’t work).  Therefore we are stepping up our marketing to include more than 400,000 that have expressed interest in messenger bots.

Do you think we can sell out with just 10 special offers for BotNinja?  You’re damn right we can, so you better act now while this is still a ground-floor opportunity!  So I’m urging you to click on the BotNinja banner below to get started now.

Some basic facts about Messenger bots:

First, let me share with you a few facts about Facebook and Messenger.  I have seen somewhere that Facebook has something like 1.9 billion members now (probably more).  So like that’s nearly the population of the two largest nations on the planet, China and India combined!

Secondly, there’s only a little over 30,000 Messenger Bots (including BotNinja) out there.  Maybe that comes out to be something like one bot per 60,000 users!  Can you see an amazing opportunity in that? We can!

So far, our little BotNinja has a 100% open rate and is averaging a whopping closing rate of 90 – 95%!!!  Even our most successful campaigns have only seen about 1/3 of those numbers, so yeah we’re pretty damn excited!  But our special introductory offer is only good until Sunday, 22 July 2018, so you better hurry.

Last but not least, the reason you should think about BotNinja now is that after Sunday, the price is going up.  In other words, we will never offer BotNinja at half-price ever again.  And with so few bots out there, the timing has never been better – so you better get yours today!

BotNinja Huge OpportunitiesCharles Snyder Raw #121

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