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WTF Is A PBN5 Minutes With Charles #27. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! What is the big deal with this and is it a good idea? Will one work for your business too? Or are they just another scheme to trick search engines?

WTF Is A PBN - 5 Minutes With Charles #27 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Google will smack your pee-pee!

Search engines are constantly looking for ways to weed out weak websites and other kinds of content. Plus there is a small horde of idiots out there that spend way more time and money trying to cheat the system. As opposed to just creating quality content. Which makes your life harder as a legitimate business owner with a website.

Black-Hat SEO

A PBN or Private Blog Network is simply a means for providing a website with some links to make it appear to be more important than it is. The concept is that the links lend more domain authority or votes to one central website. More links equal more authority and so on.

But the problem is that once Google and other search engines discover the back-linking scam, ALL of the websites involved will be removed from all search engine results. So how much traffic would you get from search engines that remove all of your web pages from their results?

Here’s a hint, it rhymes with the word ‘zero.’

WTF Is A PBN: you’ve been warned

Google, in particular, is actively looking for anyone that violates their terms and dilutes their search results. As a result, they allow their users to report spam in the form of paid links and other spammy tactics like PBNs. Because they are concerned with maintaining their user experience.

So yes, buying links and domains to provide your own links is cheating and you will suffer the consequences when Google discovers it. Since they call the shots as to what they will or will not list, you’re better option is to build something of quality. Because then you have nothing to worry about.

Check out today’s video for more details.

WTF Is A PBN5 Minutes With Charles #27
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