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Why Free Traffic Sucks

Why Free Traffic Sucks5 Minutes With Charles #30. Today is a follow-up to the previous article and video; Free vs Paid Traffic. Because there is still a never-ending stream of questions of how to get more visitors at no cost. But maybe they haven’t seen the warning that you get what you pay for.

Why Free Traffic Sucks - 5 Minutes With Charles #30 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

It requires a lot of work!

However, the one reality that most people don’t want to hear is that it requires a lot of hard work. Hundreds of hours blogging, posting to social media, and building relationships. Plus hundreds more hours planning, creating, and promoting your content.

In other words, free isn’t free.

“If you build it, they will come”

Perhaps that is one of the biggest lies that entrepreneurs tell themselves. So just having an awesome idea doesn’t mean customers will appear out of thin air. Because if no one knows about you, the problem is that no one knows about you.

Likewise, a lot of wanna-be entrepreneurs have the misconception that having a website will get them more sales. But it doesn’t work like that in the real world. So they quickly become discouraged and frustrated.

Why Free Traffic Sucks: but marketing works

Think of your business as a person standing on a busy street corner. There are lots of people walking by, just as many cars passing, and here comes a city bus too. But your business is a stranger to everyone else.

So do you just walk up to people randomly asking for money in exchange for (insert your product or service here)?

You’re probably smarter than that and realize that approach will rarely work. But that is exactly what people are doing when they expect their website to magically capture customers.

However, putting a sign on that busy street corner will attract some attention. And depending on the location and whatever service you are selling, you will have more success. But it costs money to put up that sign.

Why Free Traffic Sucks5 Minutes With Charles #30
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