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When To Fire A Customer

When To Fire A Customer5 Minutes With Charles #31. You may already be thinking that you never want to fire one of your customers. But that kind of thinking will get you some bad customers sooner or later. Or maybe you already have one or two and don’t know what to do with them.

When To Fire A Customer - 5 Minutes With Charles #31 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

You’re fired!

Regardless if you have one now or not, there comes a time when you must say enough is enough. Those kinds of clients will sap your positive energy. Plus they will make you miserable and take up a lot of your time.

No amount of money is worth the aggravation. Also, your other customers will suffer from it too. Because when you spend a disproportionate amount of time pleasing the unpleasant, your customer service slips.

You ain’t got time for that nonsense!

So here’s the scoop; not everyone is going to be your ideal customer. Also, about 20% of your customers will take up roughly 80% of your time. But you probably already know that you cannot afford to keep them around.

Especially when you are first starting. You’re hungry to make your business work, so you take on a few clients that you know you shouldn’t. However, you’ll discover sooner or later that those kinds of people just suck.

Again, no amount of money is worth being miserable.

When To Fire A Customer: stand your ground

So sooner or later you must stand your ground. For your own sake as well as for your other customers. Because the longer you let the sapping of your time, energy, and joy continue, the more it will affect your business.

Make a stand for your sanity by being firm but be fair too. Develop a scale for measuring just how much grief you will tolerate. Some entrepreneurs call this the “asshole-scale” or “jerk-o-meter” graded from 1 to 10. One is the nicest person you ever met and ten being the exact opposite.

But anyone over a “3” on your “asshole-scale” should be fired immediately. You’ll rest better at night and you might even enjoy your business too. So look at the dead weights that are dragging you down and fire them!

When To Fire A Customer5 Minutes With Charles #31
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