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What Do I Blog About

What Do I Blog About5 Minutes With Charles #34. Have you ever thought that to yourself? Are you struggling with coming up with solid topics and ideas for your content creation? Do you find it hard to blog about your business, brand, products, or services?

What Do I Blog About - 5 Minutes With Charles #34 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Content Creation 101

Creating content for your business regularly can be a challenge for everybody, sooner or later. But business blogging daily is exceptionally challenging to keep up with. So the main idea is to be prepared before that happens, with backup topics for those times.

Three ways to always have fresh ideas

One way is to cruise the same forums and groups your customers do. Look for their pain points or better yet, find someone complaining about your competition. Then take those talking points and create content that soothes those painful experiences.

Second, take questions about your products or services (or similar ones from your competition) and blog about that. Answer specific questions from specific people and their situations. Also, be sure to name them in your answer as well as making them aware that you wrote a blog about it.

Third, take real-world examples of your customers and create a video or article. Show how your product or service improved the lives or businesses of your customers. But always demonstrate real value and create a story around the specifics of your customer’s pain and how you relieved it.

What Do I Blog About: more resources

Over the years, Charles has written and made videos of an epic amount of content. Such as he shares in the episode, Prolific Content Creation – Charles Snyder Raw #146. But here are some more articles and videos that you may find helpful:

But no matter what you do, keeping some form of a notebook or content creation planner/calendar on hand will be helpful. Because when you are always looking for new ideas, you’ll find inspiration everywhere. So a little inspiration now will eliminate a lot of perspiration later.

What Do I Blog About5 Minutes With Charles #34
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