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Success Is Like An Onion

Success Is Like An Onion5 Minutes With Charles #19. Maybe you are wondering, just what the hell onions have to do with winning. But you were just curious enough to get here and see if someone lost their marbles. So you may as well go a little deeper to see if any of this makes sense.

Success Is Like An Onion - 5 Minutes With Charles #19 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Warning: metaphors ahead!

Regardless of how or why you are here, this article and video are, in fact, metaphors for life, love, business, and success. Growing your business involves layers of challenges and hurdles you must overcome. So too, each time you solve a problem or push past a setback, you learn and you grow.

Kind of like peeling back the layers that onions have. But why onions?

A spark of genius (or madness)

So it’s kind of funny how my brain connects seemingly unrelated things to come up with some semi-coherent ideas. I was having a conversation about life, love, and business when the metaphor of an onion struck me. But why not something else like lettuce or a layered-cake?

Because when is the last time a head of lettuce made you cry? Alternatively, when is the last time you seen someone shed tears for a cake?

However, life can make you cry. Love can drive you insane and definitely make you cry for joy or for pain. Business can be downright brutal at times, making you shed tears for a multitude of reasons.

Plus, I don’t really like onions, so there’s that too.

Success Is Like An Onion: coming full-circle

So onions are pungent, have layers and can make you cry. Likewise, learning and growing has layers of understanding. Also, the same is true of business, marketing, and sales.

Failing to learn a lesson can make you cry. Losing a sale or a business deal can make you cry. And not getting enough customers to keep your doors open or pay your bills can definitely make you cry.

Never stop peeling back the layers of your onion to find success! Always keep pushing and learning and growing. Keep reaching and striving to be more than you are today.

Success Is Like An Onion5 Minutes With Charles #19
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