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Solve A Problem

Solve A Problem5 Minutes With Charles #11. So are you like a lot of small business owners and you don’t know what to blog about? Are you stuck for ideas on what kind of content you should be creating? Or are you like a lot of others that just think you’re no good at blogging?

Solve A Problem - 5 Minutes With Charles #11 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Offer them a solution

The easiest way to create content that your audience wants, is to offer one or more solutions to problems they have. But ideally you pick one pain that they have and show them a way to fix it. Better still is offering them one way of solving one of their problems and then pitch them an offer.

“Done for you” solutions

Yes, give them a way to fix things on their own and offer a solution done for them that may be faster, cheaper, or just plain easier. So it doesn’t matter as much what the pain may be, just give them some “pain-relief” and occasionally add that you can do it for them too (i.e. your products or services). But add value first, make the offer secondary.

However you approach it doesn’t matter, just remember that it’s not what you say, but how you say it. So be helpful, not “spammy” with your outreach and you’ll reap the rewards. Also, this will go a long way towards establishing you as a “go-to” person, building more trust.

Because building trust and having more conversations means you will make more sales.

Solve A Problem: additional considerations

OK, so now you know what to do to blog more. But where do you find people in pain that you can help?

Join interest group and forums on social media or even dedicated websites. Find out where your audience or potential customers are and start paying close attention to them. Particularly to what annoys them and then think about ways you can help them or do it better.

When you do this right, more people will pay attention to you.

Solve A Problem5 Minutes With Charles #11
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