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Marketing Reality Check

Marketing Reality Check5 Minutes With Charles #14. Have you ever met someone that talks about their dreams and how bad they want it? But then they make all kinds of excuses why it doesn’t work for them. However, the reality is that they are unwilling to do what it takes to achieve their goals.

Marketing Reality Check - 5 Minutes With Charles #14 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Wanting vs. having

For example, not too long ago, I had a conversation with a “wantrepreneur” and it became a debate. I say ‘want’ because he wants it all; money, fame, etc. But he doesn’t want to do any of the work he has to do to have it.

The power of accepting responsibility

So he rationalizes (rational-lies) that his many failures are due to the economy, his lack of education, money, and so on. But the truth is that he puts far more effort into making excuses, than he ever has in getting more customers. And that is the sole reason he fails every time.

When he makes excuses, blaming everything and everyone for his failures, he is powerless to make any changes. But when you accept that everything is your fault, you grant yourself the power to achieve success. Because then you free your mind to look for better ways to do things.

Blaming simply tricks your mind into believing that you are powerless to do anything about your failures. You are shifting your power to make some incredible things happen in your life away to something or someone else. And that is just a sad way of living that only leads to bitterness.

Marketing Reality Check: you have just two jobs

Whether you are looking for your first customer or your next 100; until you are making a million dollars a year, you have just two jobs as a small business owner. Marketing and sales. Because without paying customers, how will you pay your bills, much less ever pay yourself?

Marketing builds your brand and makes people that may be interested in your products or services, aware of you. So marketing and advertising help to drive more leads to you. Because more leads means you are able to have more conversations and make more sales.

But the old way of marketing and advertising on TV, radio, and in print are incredibly expensive as they are inefficient. Just as important is the fact that running just one ad on one platform will not produce many results.

Do you want help with that?

You can save yourself a lot time, money, and hassles by just letting our professionals do all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is look over our Digital Marketing Services or simply set up a time to chat. So then you can get back to what matters most, your life and business.

Marketing Reality Check5 Minutes With Charles #14
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