Marketing Plumbing

Marketing Plumbing

Since publishing my last 5 Minutes With Charles video – Building Your Marketing Foundation, I have received a few questions.  Almost all of the questions were about the Marketing Plumbing and how to create it.  So here are some more details that will hopefully help you understand.

The Content Marketing Wheel – The spokes are your Marketing Plumbing

First of all, think of your website as the hub of your marketing “wheel” that ties everything together.  Kind of like an old-West wagon wheel.  Additionally, social media, content and SEO with links to and from your website are the spokes of your marketing wheel.  Therefore, the outer ring is your audience on social media, online branding and coming up in search engine results.

Keeping with the wagon wheel analogy, they work best when there is a hub, spokes and a rim.  Remove any one of those components and the marketing wheel fails.  The spokes of the wheel represent your Marketing Plumbing.  Without the “spokes” the rest of the wheel (and your marketing) is useless.

However, direct response marketing is a different kind of wheel, but a wheel just the same.  Additionally, your landing pages take on the role of “spokes” and are therefore your Marketing Plumbing too.  So you may think of your offer as the hub and your ads are the outer rim.  In other words, multiple ads drive traffic to your “spokes” which funnel to your offer.

Building Your Marketing Plumbing

Since there are so many components to building out your plumbing, it is beyond my scope for this video.  Although I cannot emphasize the need for properly getting it set up.  Here are some basic guidelines to get you started.

First, I recommend starting off small and simple, then you can expand one step at a time.  In other words, you start with a website and blog, preferably one in the same.  Then you put your first spoke in the wheel by creating a Facebook business page, linking your site to your new page and back again.  So once you have that completed, then you add more spokes like Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

In conclusion, keep adding spokes to your marketing wheel by adding more Marketing Plumbing!

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