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It Isn’t Rocket Science

It Isn’t Rocket Science5 Minutes With Charles #6. So maybe you have seen more than a few business owners complaining about Digital Marketing. Maybe you have a few complaints of your own. But the bottom dollar is that most of those frustrations come from a lack of understanding.

It Isn't Rocket Science - 5 Minutes With Charles #6 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

You don’t know what you don’t know

Most problems with Online Advertising can be boiled down to a simple lack of expertise. But it’s not your fault because a lot of it is trial and error as well as doing some research. So the lesson here is that Digital Marketing works, it just may not have worked for you (yet).

Moving the needle

First, simply boosting posts on Facebook isn’t your only option. In fact, there are far better options to drive traffic to your offers. And it is just one of many choices you have for building brand awareness or selling.

However, better options also require you to know something about your ideal customers, social media channels, and sales. So you shouldn’t be expecting to hit a home run the first time you run an ad. Temper your expectations with the reality that you are trying and learning as you go.

But the more you learn and practice, the better your chances of success. So learn as much as you can about creating content, SEO, copywriting, and social media. Because the more you know, the faster you will grow.

It Isn’t Rocket Science: but it is work!

So here’s the scoop, Digital Marketing like anything else is in life, is a learned skill set. But expecting million-dollar results from $2 of time and a half-heart effort is ridiculously absurd.

Since running ads on Facebook alone requires you to be familiar with the business platform for targeting. You also need to understand copywriting, image and video editing, building landing pages and so much more. Because if you don’t know how to do all of those things, much less ever heard of them, you will not succeed.

Digital Marketing works. So when someone tells you it doesn’t, they are really telling you that they don’t know how to do it and understand how to use the tools. Online advertising work for just about any business, big or small, from accountants to zinc plating and most everything in between.

Do you want help with that?

You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassles by just letting our professionals do all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is look over our Digital Marketing Services or simply set up a time to chat. So then you can get back to what matters most, your life and business.

It Isn’t Rocket Science5 Minutes With Charles #6
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