Important SEO Tips

Important SEO Tips

Yes you guessed it – it’s time for another 5 Minutes (for the most part) With… well me.  For this episode I answer a question from the audience about “What Are The Most Important SEO Tips”  He also wants to know why SEO seems to be “so damn complicated.”  Well the good news is that SEO is not really too complicated overall.  SEO just really depends on a lot of variables.  Which can be rather complicated…

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One of the most Important SEO Tips you should keep in mind is SEO doesn’t mean much without content.  For example, when you want a page or post to get indexed and rank at all, you need 300 words.  Which is just a minimum, mind you.  Even more important is that a page you want to really to rank well needs 900 words or more.  Again, this is just the minimum recommended length.

But for the greatest nugget of truth, you have to watch the video…

There’s a lot more where that came from

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