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How To Get More Leads

How To Get More Leads5 Minutes With Charles #16. So you may be like a lot of other small business owners, wanting to know the secrets to Lead-Generation. Maybe you want a better way of making more sales or at least having more conversations. But how do the “pros” do it?

How To Get More Leads - 5 Minutes With Charles #16 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

It’s easier than you think!

Finding more potential customers and filling your calendar with steady business is what most businesses want. But first, it doesn’t involve a lot of cold-calling strangers or begging for referrals. So sit up straight, put away distractions, and pay attention to this.

Disruptive marketing sucks!

It’s the truth. For example, have you ever sat down to a good meal with family or friends and the phone rings. Your mouth is watering and your are hungry, but your meal is interrupted by a telemarketer. That’s disruptive.

Another good example is a friend or family member that keeps bugging you for referrals for their network marketing scheme. You know that you don’t like it and it’s probably a good bet that everyone you know doesn’t like it either. But is it any different when you beg others for referrals?

So the same applies to cold-calling, cold-emailing, etc. It sucks and almost no one likes getting disrupted.

How To Get More Leads: without being a dick

Here’s a different scenario for you. Let’s say that you own a HVAC business and you want more customers. But you hate cold-calling and you don’t want to make your family or friends uncomfortable, begging for referrals.

So the better alternative is running some ads on Facebook and Google. You target people that own homes and are within 10 miles of your shop. But the biggest difference is that you get them to call or email you instead.

No more chasing people. Also, no more anxiously wishing that your phone would ring. And, no more being disruptive by begging for business from a lot of people that do not have a need or desire for your business.

Your life and business would be so much easier!

How To Get More Leads5 Minutes With Charles #16
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