How To Find Customers Online

How To Find Customers Online

I get asked How To Find Customers Online a lot and people want to know what the secret is.  They want to break the up and down cycle of having a good month, then they have a bad month or two.  Some of these people are struggling to stay in business and more than a few are desperate.

The biggest secret is that there is no secret.  How To Find Customers Online isn’t that hard, once you know what to do and how to create a compelling offer.  Seriously, there is no secret and I mean that.

But you have to define who your audience is and you have to niche down in order to scale up.  I talk a little bit about that in #25 – How To Get Traffic Effectively and from a different perspective in #23 – Why Is No One Calling.  In fact, many of the videos in my 5 Minutes With Charles series are effectively How To Find Customers Online.  But the most important and the most relevant is #20 – Develop Your Niche.

Believe me, narrowing my focus down seemed counter-intuitive to me and it made no sense.  My thinking was that I wanted to appeal to the widest audience possible and that would get me more sales.  Well to be honest with you, it didn’t work and I was even more desperate for customers.

Business got a lot better when I finally started to listen and stopped being stubborn.  I got my head out of my ass and developed my niche.  Once I did that, business started to change and the leads started to trickle in.  My only regret is that I didn’t listen sooner and done this 5 or even 10 years ago – imagine where I would be!

Better still, imagine where you would be…

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