Business Is A Team Sport

Business Is A Team Sport

Have you ever heard the saying, entrepreneurship is the loneliest sport in the world?  I have and more times than I care to remember.  But I beg to differ because actually business is a team sport.  In fact, the bigger the business you have, the more team members you need.  And they all need to play well with each other, working towards a common goal.

This time around I discuss another recent conversation about the pain all of us feel as entrepreneurs.  The hardest step is that first one going from flying solo, to hiring your first team member.  Believe me, it is scary.  But there is an answer that is better for your business as well as your health.  Watch and learn more!

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Do You Want More Customers? I know how to get them!
Do You Want More Customers? I know how to get them!

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