Building Your Marketing Foundation

Building Your Marketing Foundation

Since I created and published Build A Solid Marketing Foundation, there has been a good amount of interest generated.  More than a few clients and followers want to know more about the”plumbing” I referred to.  So here is the follow-up, Building Your Marketing Foundation.

First, you need to have a website and a blog; preferably one in the same.  Your blog is the central hub around which everything else is connected.  Because the reason is that you want to control the traffic and the leads as well as not relying on any single platform.  You then need to connect your social media and make sure that it is consistent.

Additionally, you will also want to connect all of your analytics such as Google.  Furthermore, you will also need to have your pixels and any other targeting scripts connected as well.  Too many times I have seen people blogging away like crazy, but they aren’t making a penny.  Without analytics and tracking, you are simply flying blind.  And that, as you already know, is not a very profitable position to be in.

Once you have your plumbing in place, the next step is to start creating content.  Maybe create a company introduction video or better still record your “Why” on video.  Next you want to create some how-to videos dealing with your products or services.  Last but not least, you need to create a few commercials or ads in order to sell your business.

Each step I described here is just a quick overview to Building Your Marketing Foundation.  So of course there is much more to it, but these are the general ideas or concepts.

Need Help Building Your Marketing Foundation?

You are in luck!  Not only do we already give you the general concepts for free, but we also doing this service for you.  But we’ll be honest with you, it’s expensive and it can take 2 – 6 months to do right.  Yet if expensive and getting it done for you is not your thing, we will soon release a cost-effective alternative.  So if you want to get started right away, click on the banner below to see if you’re a good fit for us.

Building Your Marketing Foundation has never been easier, Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – Direct Response Marketing Services
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