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Building Your Marketing Foundation

Building Your Marketing Foundation5 Minutes With Charles #43. Since a few days ago, people have been contacting us to share more about the article and video, Build A Solid Marketing Foundation. But they want to know more about the “how-to” part. Specifically, there is a lot of interest in the term, “marketing plumbing.”

Building Your Marketing Foundation - 5 Minutes With Charles #43 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Connect it all!

So this is a follow-up to that previous article and video, the “how-to” or meat and potatoes of marketing plumbing. But first, you need to have a website, some social media pages, a blog, and some content. Because your website and blog, are where the links from everything else point to.

Your links are the key

As the title suggests, your links to and from your social media, posts, pages, etc. are your marketing plumbing. So for example, if you would share a piece of content from your blog on social media, include a link to that content. Because otherwise, you are missing out on the whole point of sharing your content.

But more importantly, your main content or cornerstone content needs to have the most links going to it. Because this tells the search engines like Google and Yahoo, what the most important page or pages is. So that goes for all of your pages, posts, and landing pages too.

Building Your Marketing Foundation: one link at a time

Essentially, these are backlinks we have been covering so far. But there are internal links to consider as well. For example, your products or services should have a prominent place on the home page of your website. Another consideration is your cornerstone content, which should have a prominent place on your home page too.

Also, all of your short posts should link to your cornerstone content or your main products or services. But not both. So if you have several hundred posts, you’re not going to change your link structure overnight. However, you can make those changes one post at a time as you create it or as you edit it.

The key is to start working on it right now!

Building Your Marketing Foundation5 Minutes With Charles #43
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