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Boosting Posts On Facebook

Boosting Posts On Facebook5 Minutes With Charles #38. Time and again, people ask if boosting their posts about their business works. But more often than not, someone is complaining that it doesn’t work for their business. However, what they never take into consideration is that there are a lot of small business owners doing the same thing.

Boosting Posts On Facebook - 5 Minutes With Charles #38 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

If it was so easy, everyone would do it!

Yes, creating a post and boosting it on Facebook is easy. But it doesn’t allow you to have much control over where, when, or who sees your ads. So you are also competing with almost everyone else that boosts their stuff too – it’s a recipe for those unfamiliar with digital marketing to waste money.

This is why there are forums and chat boards over-flowing with Negative Nancies.

The problem isn’t with the tool

As the saying goes, the right tool for the job. You don’t use a hammer to drive a screw or a screwdriver to turn a nail. Likewise, you don’t use Facebook to simply boost some posts and expect to make thousands of dollars from it. Because if you do, you’ll soon be just as disillusioned and complaining just like the Negative Nancies.

So the problem isn’t with the “wrench”, it’s the “loose-nut” using the tool. In other words, when someone tells you that Facebook ads don’t work; realize that they are telling you that they don’t know how to use it. Because businesses big and small all use Facebook as well as other social media all the time, profitably.

However, the other consideration is that every church, community group, volunteer organization, etc. are all paying the same. One post boost gets lost in the shuffle of thousands of other posts also getting a boost. Because your voice is getting lost in a cacophony of voices all vying for attention, it doesn’t make sense for businesses.

Boosting Posts On Facebook: some basic truth

First of all, there are roughly 16 million businesses on Facebook and that number grows every month. Secondly, there are also a growing number of churches, youth groups, community groups, volunteer organizations, and so on. Last but not least, there is also a growing number of hobbyists, “influencers” and pretenders boosting their posts too.

So it’s really easy to get overlooked and even ignored because people are tired of the same old amateur antics. Your audience is exposed to as many as 15,000 non-relevant posts, ads, memes, and videos every damn day. Because it’s up to you to level up your game and get noticed. But only then will you grab attention and make some sales.

Boosting Posts On Facebook5 Minutes With Charles #38
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