Back-Links vs Content

Back-Links vs Content

5 Minutes With Charles #48 – Back-Links vs Content.  Every so often, we get some great questions from our followers and fans.  This time around, I received a question from Grantly on Quora.  Since I’m not as active on there as I used to be, I decided to make a video response.  And make it this week’s installment of 5 Minutes With Charles.

The question that Grantly asked me to answer is, “What is the best SEO practice[;] content or good backlinks?”

So the trick to this question is knowing what each term means and how they relate to each other.  Content is simply a web page, blog post or video posted (typically) on your website.  This can also include things like a downloadable resource guide or a list of favorite blogs, etc.  Content is what you create to show or add value to your ideal customer’s life, business and so on.

On the other hand we have back-links, which are simply links from other sites back to your content.  So there are a lot of different ways to earn links back to your website, but they all involve content.  In other words, you have to have some form of content worth linking to.  Otherwise, what are you linking to, a blank page?  Or maybe a page full of nothing more than banner ads or links?

Ending The Back-Links vs Content Debate

Since you cannot have back-links or SEO without having content, the best practice is to create great content.  Text-based content is what SEO, back-links and search engine ranking is all based upon.  So the take-away here is that content is king; it has always been and it will always be king.  And anyone that tells you differently is either misinformed or they are outright feeding you lies!

Create great content that gives value to your audience.  Write content that people want to consume and earning back-links as well as SEO becomes a lot easier.  Craft a message that resonates with people and they will share it with others, creating even more back-links.  In conclusion, create excellent content that sells shit.

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