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Always Be Selling

5 Minutes With Charles #45 – Always Be Selling.  Over the past few years I’ve talked about always be learning or always be improving.  Since then, it has occurred to me that what matters most of all is marketing and sales.  The reason for this change in my thinking is simple; without sales, there is no business.  And while I’m thinking about it, the better the job I have done at marketing, the easier sales has been.

Does that make sense to you too?  I sincerely hope it does, so that you understand what I am talking about in my latest video.  Most of all, I hope you also understand that I am being completely honest when I say that I am doing the same with my agency.  From this week forward, I will be using my company’s videos and information products for marketing and sales.  You could be doing the same for your business as well.

Look, here’s the scoop; like I said before, if you do not have someone in your business with that job title – you’re it!  If you do not have a secretary, you’re the secretary.  When someone calls about an issues with your products or services, if you don’t have a customer service representative, you’re it.  So if you don’t have a marketer on your team… you guessed it, you’re the marketing guy or gal too.

Now there’s nothing to say that you cannot do what I’ve done; spending more than $30,000 over the past 3 years to improve your skills.  You can also put in hundreds of hours learning about marketing, sales, creative writing, SEO, web design, social media, etc.  Just understand that you will have to make a serious time and money commitment, time that you cannot work on or in your business.

Great Marketing Makes It Easier To Always Be Selling

The better the job you do at crafting a message that resonates with your potential customers, the easier it is to make sales.  Also, the more clear and concise your message is, the less likely that your audience will be to ignore your ads.  Last but not least, the more congruent your message is across all forms of media, the more likely you will make sales.

Does that make sense to you?  You could just save a lot of time and money by just having my agency do all the heavy lifting for you.  We create ads that gets your phone ringing with people that want your stuff.  It’s just that simple!  Hire us.

We make it easier for you to always be selling!  Charles E. Snyder III Marketing - Direct Response Marketing Services
We make it easier for you to always be selling! Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – Direct Response Marketing Services

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