50th Episode Special

50th Episode Special & Announcements

5 Minutes With Charles #50 – 50th Episode Special & Announcements.  Since my 50th birthday as well as the 50th episodes of 5 Minutes With Charles and Charles Snyder Raw fell within days of each other, I wanted to do something special.  So I’m taking a break from the normal routine to share some future plans and announcements.  And I also share the sad news that I am placing this series of videos on pause for now.

My reasoning is this – I don’t want to cover the same material in both series of videos.  I didn’t want the content to seem too similar, which they do.  So while I have been producing the 5 Minutes With Charles series for about a year, I’m pausing it.  The Charles Snyder Raw video series will continue because I feel it is a better fit and format.

That’s not to say that there will never be another “5 Minutes” in the future.  Maybe I will still make the occasional one for special announcements and such.  Who knows what the future holds?

50th Episode Special & Announcements

As I mention in the video, production of the 1 Minute Marketing Tips will be ramping up now.  To be honest, I didn’t realize how much more effort it would take to make 1 minute videos.  I was surprised to say the least, at how much more work goes into shorter videos.  But they need to be no more than 60 seconds to work on Facebook and Instagram for brand promotions.

As I also mention in the video, we are working on completing the “FREE Marketing Readiness Worksheet” too.  I’m ashamed it has taken so long, but my goal is to get it in your hands.  And by that I mean this weekend getting it published for release on Monday!

50th Episode Special & Announcements: Do You Want More Customers? Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – Direct Response Marketing Services
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