5 Minutes With Charles Returns Monday

5 Minutes With Charles Returns Monday

5 Minutes With Charles Returns Monday - Be sure to subscribe!
Be sure to subscribe!

WOOOOOOO!  What a crazy-busy week this has been, but happy Friday everyone!!!  But no worries, 5 Minutes With Charles Returns Monday!

First, my apologies for not getting any videos published the past few days.  I could tell you all about my busy life and why I didn’t have time.  Time to get the latest videos edited and posted.  But then again who doesn’t have a busy life these days?

All I can tell you is that I have been working on some really cool shit.  Seriously, just for you and that I will make up for the videos.  Honestly, I will make it up to you.  Anyway, moving forward, we did manage to get one good item finished and working on the website.  And it works too!

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

The one thing that we did manage to get done this week, in between life and creating a handful of marketing proposals, is adding a new feature to the website on the home page.  When you click on the “Get Cool Stuff” button, you are now able to subscribe for a notification every single time that we publish a new “5 Minutes With Charles” video.  You will also be the first to have exclusive content that nobody else will have access to and other great deals!  But you have to subscribe using the link on the home page.

Finally, as we continue to crank out more great content, we are striving to hit 1,000 fans on our Facebook Page and reaching our first 100 subscribers for our YouTube Channel as well as our new company Twitter account.  But we need your help to hit those goals by the end of the year; so please be sure to share this awesome content with your friends, peers and co-workers.

Have a great weekend, we’ll be back again on Monday!

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