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Celebrating 200 Posts

Celebrating 200 Posts5 Minutes With Charles #35. So when this article and video were originally published, there was still a lot of old content. As in old content from the original River Valley Hosting & Web Design website. And would be expected, most of that content was about websites, web design, and so on.

Celebrating 200 Posts - 5 Minutes With Charles #35 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

But there’s always a but…

However, with our shift in focus from just website stuff to Digital Marketing, we were also realigning our blog content too. Because we wouldn’t have a very useful blog if its only content was about web hosting. So then we set about eliminating all of the pre-2015 articles.

Evolving blog content

Since 2015, our marketing blog content has been changing, developing, and growing. Because initially, our focus was on creating articles, then I made the shift to videos. But in September 2019, that all changed once again.

Now our focus is on creating content of high-quality over high-quantity. So that means revisiting all of our pages and posts to update and edit them as necessary. Much of this is in the article Major Content Changes with more updates posting every month since then. This includes the most recent installment that we published a few days ago, February 2021 Updates.

Celebrating 200 Posts: looking to the future

So here we are, two years later and the goal remains the same. We are focusing our efforts on wrapping up the editing and updating of all pages and posts. But that includes some updates to all of our videos as well.

Moving forward, the majority of our content will have articles and videos. But more importantly, those articles and videos will focus on demonstrating value above all. Also, new content will showcase our services and how they can save you time and money.

Last but not least, with the pending release of our software as a service, ROI Ninjas, we have a lot of work to do. Because the powerful tools in that suite will require some training and education. So that means producing more content that only users of our services will see.

But it is definitely worthwhile!

Celebrating 200 Posts5 Minutes With Charles #35
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