200 Posts Still Growing

200 Posts Still Growing

200 Posts Still Growing
200 Posts Still Growing!

I’m not sure how I missed this until now, but I just realized we passed 200 Posts Still Growing strong.  Actually this will be number 221.  But back on May 23, 2017 I hit the publish button on our 200th article and missed that milestone completely.  That article was one of my 5 Minutes With Charles videos and articles, titled Business Is A Team Sport.  But still, how in the hell could I miss that?

Since our previous milestone of publishing 100 Articles (link removed), published on November 17, 2015, we have come a long way.  At the time, almost every article was a written one and now they are all video with written articles.  Maybe I have been so caught up in video production and forgot about that little bragging right.  But believe me, I would much rather it be 2,000 but then again this is my first article in about a month.

Why has it been a month?  Well that’s pretty simple actually.  You see I am working part-time as a federal emergency responder and I am currently on deployment in Texas, dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  To say the least, I have been quite busy for the past month and Ann is camera-shy.  So it should suffice to say, not a whole lot has gotten done on the front-end of things.

Looking to the future

But that is about to change and despite still being out here helping the disaster survivors.  As I have the time, there will be more videos and posts forthcoming, I promise.  In fact, I am making it a goal to continue editing our current content and produce new content.  More specifically, I want to hit 300 before the end of the year and reaching 500 before the end of 2018.  So keep sending us your questions about digital marketing and we’ll keep producing better and better stuff!

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